Gemini Personality Traits

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Gemini personality traits are characterised by a versatile and flexible nature.

Gemini is the third of the twelve signs of the Zodiac (May 22nd - June 21st). Gemini is represented by the Twins and the dual nature, contrary views and changeable character of a Gemini is akin to two separate people, just like twins.

Gemini traits are developed by virtue of the fact that Gemini is a Mutable Sign and comes from the Element of Air. The Mutable Signs indicate flexibility, adaptability and good communication, whereas the Element of Air denotes strong communication skills, a clever mind, vision and imagination. Thus Gemini traits are an fascinating blend. 

Gemini Traits

Communicating with others is a big part of the Gemini personality; they love to talk and can find many willing listeners as they tend to be very bright, intelligent, articulate and witty.  They usually have many friends and feel completely comfortable in social situations.

Gemini traits also include being very versatile and they can usually turn their hand to anything. They relish a challenge and have the energy and motivation to come up with well thought out solutions. They are also very inquisitive and love to increase their knowledge.

Gemini Qualities

Gemini qualities include being very independent and self reliant. They love the sense of freedom they often have by not being tied to anyone or anything. And because of these Gemini qualities they often find it difficult to commit in a relationship.

They are very adaptable and are open to change and have little desire to settle down. 

Shadow Gemini Traits

The dark Gemini traits can include being terrible flirts and manipulating others who are less bright and quick witted. They can tease and sometimes use bully tactics on weaker people. They are also sometimes, intolerant, impatient and impulsive and can seldom settle to one person, one career or one project.

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