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Find your Perfect Gemini Love Match...

Check the Gemini compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Gemini with Aries Compatibility
Gemini with Aries is a very good astrological love match. As a Gemini from the element of air you can certainly fan the flames of the fire sign of Aries. You can stimulate their mind and introduce them to new social situations and experiences they would not have thought interested them. You also have a wicked sense of humour and as they love to laugh, you will enjoy fun, laughter and excitement together.
Gemini with Taurus Compatibility
Gemini with Taurus can be problematic as you have major difference in your styles and approach to life. Taureans prefer a steady and methodical approach to life and are clear in their motivations, thinking and problem solving. Whereas, you as a Gemini like to flit through life and become restless and want to move on to new unchartered waters all the time. You do both love pleasurable experiences so this might be your binding motivation.
Gemini with Gemini Compatibility
Gemini with Gemini is very good love match as you are both so similar. Coming from the element of air you both love to express yourselves and are more than happy to openly communicate your thoughts with each other. Feelings and emotions on the other hand can be trickier as neither of you are comfortable exposing your inner feelings. But this need not matter to either of you, as mental stimulation is often enough for you both.
Gemini with Cancer Compatibility
Gemini with Cancer can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. Cancerians are feelers whereas as you Gemini are a thinker. They feel emotions deeply – you don't. You tend to go through life trusting your head rather than your heart, whereas they do just the opposite. If you both can understand each other's perspective on life and make compromises when making joint decisions you will have a happy and lasting relationship.
Gemini with Leo Compatibility
Gemini with Leo is a very good astrological love match but as both of you like to be the centre of attention, it could lead to a power struggle between you. As a Gemini you thrive on mental stimulation and will be enthralled by Leos dramatic and flamboyant nature. They will be attracted to your adaptability, spontaneity and social standing. You both share a love of having and entertaining many friends so your social .lives will be filled with parties and events that you can both shine in.
Gemini with Virgo Compatibility
Gemini with Virgo is not usually an ideal astrological love match, but you are both Mutable Signs - and both ruled by Mercury. This gives both of you good communication skills. And as good communication is the key to any successful relationship you can talk out your differences. The major problem between you is likely to be the low boredom threshold you have as a Gemini. Virgos ordered and practical world might be just too staid for your spontaneous nature.
Gemini with Libra Compatibility
Gemini with Libra is a brilliant love match. You both share so much in common as you are both from the element of air. You will be attracted to each other instantly and once you commit it will be for life. You are a perfect balance and pairing and because Libra is all about balance and harmony and you as a Gemini strive to combine your two sides this will work out well for both of you. You are naturally communicative, articulate and intelligent too.
Gemini with Scorpio Compatibility
Gemini with Scorpio is not usually an ideal astrological love match. The intense nature of a Scorpion does not fit well with the light hearted Gemini. You are both skilled communicators but your styles are so different. Scorpions like deep, intense, meaningful and focused interactions, whereas you as a flighty Gemini prefer bright and breezy conversations on a very wide and varied range of topics. This Gemini - Scorpio love match can work out if you can accept each other's differences.
Gemini with Sagittarius Compatibility
Gemini with Sagittarius is not a match made in heaven although with compromise by both parties it can work. You both have many differences to your personalities but also some strong similarities. You are both mutable Star signs which mean you can adapt and change and if you can share and enhance your similarities and agree to disagree about your differences this Gemini - Sagittarius paring can work.
Gemini with Capricorn Compatibility
Gemini with Capricorn is a challenging love match. You as a Gemini do not have such a lot in common with the traditional and conventional approach to life of the Capricorn. As an adventurous, airy fairy; head up in the clouds Gemini, Capricorns can be too staid for you. For them actions speak louder than words – for you as a talkative and communicative Gemini, words are often enough. You do not like to be tied down and float from one person, project or idea to the next.
Gemini with Aquarius Compatibility
Gemini with Aquarius is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! As you are both air star signs you already have a lot in common. You are instantly attracted to each other and recognise immediately a strong connection to each other. You as a Gemini seek variety, physical and mental stimulation and excitement. And Aquarians fit the bill to a tee. You are both gifted communicators and as open, frank and direct communication is the key to any successful relationship, you cannot go wrong.
Gemini with Pisces Compatibility
Gemini with Pisces is a challenging love match. Pisceans are emotionally sensitive, whereas you as a Gemini can often come across as uncaring and brash. What you do have in common with each other is that you both have two opposing sides to your personalities. Pisces can be kind and caring and then other times selfish and cutting. Geminis have one side that is spontaneous, the other rigid. So you'd both have to display your good sides for this pairing to work.

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