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The Interpretation and Meaning of Gebo

The Rune Gebo is part of my Rune Meanings series...

In a Rune Reading the Gebo meaning is seen as a very welcome omen.

The ancient meaning of the Gebo Rune is that of a Gift. In the modern day the Gebo meaning is concerned with skills, talents, gifts and abilities along with love and partnership. It's most common use is that of a written kiss.

The meaning of Gebo can represent an important choice that could affect the rest of your life. This symbolises a choice between duty versus your heart's desire. By taking a gamble it could lead to greater happiness and emotional fulfilment, staying dutiful then life will simply remain the same.

In a Rune Reading the Gebo Rune is seen as an extremely lucky Rune. It foretells a windfall, gift or blessing to be bestowed upon you.

Gebo Meaning

You should feel really blessed to have this Rune turn up in a Reading for you.

Talents and skills are also associated with the Gebo Rune and can indicate great luck in artistic, musical or dramatic pursuits.

Overall the appearance of the Gebo Rune is seen as great one for questions concerning partnerships – both business and romantic.

Gebo Reversed Meaning

There isn’t a Gebo reversed meaning as the Gebo Rune cannot be reversed.

Runes of Magic & Divination

The Runes of magic and divination have been used throughout the ages to foretell futures and to aid Spell casting and manifestation. Rune secrets are revealed and used for inscribing magical meanings onto candles used in Spell casting.

If you need to display your talents or skills in an audition, exam or job interview invisibly 'draw' the Gebo Rune symbol onto your forehead just before the testing situation.

The Gebo Rune can show a great deal of luck and good fortune coming your way!

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Gebo Rune Correspondences

The Gebo Rune corresponds with the colour dark blue, the number 7, the Tarot card of the Lovers and the astrological sign of Pisces. The goddess Gefn and the god Odin are also associated with the Gebo Rune. The element of Air is contained within the both male and female Gebo Rune.

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