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New Moon Magic

I cast Free Spells that work to help rid negative energies.

For this reason, with every one of the Spells I cast, I offer a Free Spell. This means that you buy one Spell and get one free. Once you order a Spell or Spells from me I can "add on" a Free Spell casting of a powerful Free Spell.

The type of Free Spells I cast are what some people call a Curse Removal Spell, Cleansing Spell or Clearing Spell. Basically the Free Spell that works to clear away any negative energy, curses or hexes and is best cast in conjunction with a powerful Love Spell, Money Spell or Success Spell.

Obviously everyone wants Free Spells that work with the Law of Attraction, and by offering this Free Spell I can allow the chance of a Spell manifesting quickly and in the way you desire.

This Free Curse Removal Spell will improve the power and speed of any future Love Spell, Money Spell or Success Spell cast for you.

I offer these free Curse Removal Spells free of charge because it is unethical to ask for a fee for this type of Spell.

To take full advantage of the Free Spell casting I offer, and it's powerful benefits, you can have me carefully cast your own personal Free Spell, after selecting and purchasing one or more of the many Spells I offer, including Money Spells, Love Spells and Prosperity Spells.

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You must be at least 18 years old to make any purchase from me.

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