Foretelling the Future Using Scrying

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Foretelling the Future

Foretelling the future by the divination method of crystal ball gazing is called Scrying. Crystal ball gazing has to be one of the most iconic images of a working Psychic or Fortune Teller. But you do not necessarily need a crystal ball to carry out successful divination by the Scrying method.

Scrying involves seeing images psychically to obtain information for the purposes of divination or fortune telling. A crystal ball can be used but equally good results can be gained from using a mirror, water, fire or smoke. A Scryer can psychically see images and visions within their chosen media and interpret the visual information to help themselves or their clients.

Divination using Scrying is seen as a difficult skill to master. Many people give up on this form of foretelling the future before they have given it the appropriate time and energy. Do not expect instant results with Scrying. Also be aware that Scrying can be very symbolic and difficult to interpret.

Methods of Scrying

Crystal Ball Scrying

The most famous and popular method of Scrying is that of crystal ball gazing. The Scryer gazes into a sphere that is formed from natural crystal with the aim of foretelling the future. Mostly the crystal ball is formed using Clear Quartz crystal but Obsidian, Amethyst or even Rose Quartz crystal balls can be used. Crystal Balls are often very expensive so the interested amateur may prefer to practice on something more affordable.

Mirror Scrying

Mirror Scrying also known as Catoptromancy is a popular form of foretelling the future. Some Sryers use a non-reflective mirror or even paint the mirror black. You can use an ordinary mirror but looking beyond psychically what you can physically see can be very difficult.

Water Scrying

Water Scrying is also known as Hydromancy and is the art of foretelling the future using water. You can use anything from a large pond to a small glass of water to Scry using this method. The best water to use is natural spring water preferably collected in the full moon period. Always use a natural material vessel to Scry with water – glass, wood, stone or a pure metal such as silver is probably best. Never use man made materials such as plastic to Scry with. Some Scyers use a perfectly still body of water to look into, whereas others prefer to cause ripples on the water with either their hand or a magical wand.

Smoke Scrying

Smoke Scrying can be accomplished either indoors or outdoors in front of coal or wood burning fire. Scyers using this method of foretelling the future look through the smoke plumes for visions and images. You could, also use a lit incense stick or lit herbs to form the smoke.

Fire Scrying

Fire Scrying is looking into the flame of a candle of the flames of a fire to psychically see images and visions. This is a popular form of foretelling the future.

How to Scry

The purpose of Scrying is to gain knowledge, insight and information from the past, present and future. This insight is gained psychically via images or visions seen in a crystal ball, mirror, water, smoke or fire. Crystal ball gazing helps connect the mind to the Universe and be open and receptive to the messages given. On occasion the insight or information gleaned is quite literal in that the Scryer will see visions of real people, places and situations. At other times the knowledge is gained symbolically as in a dream state and must be interpreted.

Whichever medium you choose to Scry with, whether crystal ball or water, mirror, fire or smoke you need time and space to concentrate and mediate before you commence. Prepare yourself and the environment carefully. Dim lighting, switch off electronic items, light candles and incense and carry out any preparation or meditation ritual you feel comfortable with.

If you have specific questions make sure you have these written down beforehand. If you are Scying for someone else ensure that they are comfortable and are clear in their own minds of any questions that they might have. Your belief and intent has to be very high to succeed with Scrying. Any doubts you have about your competence or the act of Scrying will cause you to fail.

Sit comfortably and be in a very relaxed state. Take a deep breath, clear your mind from any thoughts and when you feel ready commence by focusing on the crystal ball, water, mirror, fire or smoke then look beyond its centre. You may blink or your eyes may become misty or water. Continue focusing. You may just see flickers of colour and vague patterns or shapes. You may see clouds or mist. To see clear images takes time and practice, so if you do not see anything at first, persevere. Verbalise and write down what you do see. This will help you or your sitter to understand and later interpret the images.

If you receive information in symbolic form you will need to analyse the data. Write down each image – no matter how bizarre or unrelated they may seem. With a list of seemingly unconnected images you can with practice piece together the information to make a coherent and understandable message. Just like a jigsaw puzzle the picture will become clearer the more pieces you have in place. Just as in dream interpretation many symbols do have an underlying meaning.

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