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Why have focused dreams?

To find answers that will truly benefit you, focused dreams can be a valuable tool. Small, seemingly insignificant everyday questions such as '"How can I increase my creativity, improve friendships, deal with problems, improve my fitness?" to bigger questions about your life purpose, your life partner relationship, your spiritual journey etc. can be answered by focused dreaming. You already hold the answers to many questions but they may be deeply buried in your subconscious mind. To access this valuable information you can try focused dreaming.

How to have focused dreams

To have accurate focused dreaming ensure you have a good night's sleep. To do this make sure you are not over tired, over stressed or under the influence of alcohol or strong medication. Make sure you are totally relaxed before sleeping by perhaps eating a good meal, taking a relaxing bath or listening to soothing music. A sachet or pouch of dried lavender under your pillow is also helpful to aid restful sleep.

When you are about to go to sleep instruct yourself to dream the answer to your specific question. To do this, close your eyes and say silently "I will receive the answer to the question of ..............." Keep any questions to just one area or aspect of your life per night and keep it to just one specific question. So you could ask about your love life on one night and a question about your career on another.

Concentrate on your question. Imagine yourself receiving the answer. Continue concentrating and imagine how you will feel once you have got your answer. Feel the weight of worry lift from you. Now try to clear your mind of thoughts and fall to sleep.

How to improve dream recall

Everyone experiences dreams every night but so many people have no or little recollection of the dreams they have had. With focused dreaming you will need to recall in detail your dreams. Here are some tips to help you recall your dreams.

Set your alarm clock one or two hours earlier than normal. You should still be in a deep sleep at this time and this is when vivid dreaming occurs. By being awakened in this way your dreaming should be interrupted with the best chance of dream recall.

Upon waking remain motionless, keeping your eyes closed. Focus all your thoughts on your dream. Keep relaxed and go through the details of your dream.

Begin to question yourself. Concentrate on your senses. What did you see, hear, taste, smell or touch.

If you are having difficulties remembering think about the question or questions you wanted answering.

Don't give up. If you have no or little dream recall upon waking, be aware that you may remember details later in the day. Write down as many details of your dream as soon as possible. Record the thoughts, feelings and emotions you experienced during your dream. Pay particular attention to any 'out of context' symbols you dreamt about.

How to interpret focused dreaming

Once you have made written notes on your dream it is time to examine the notes for clues to find your answer. These clues may not at first seem apparent or obvious but if you can read through your notes and apply lateral thinking you should come up with an answer.

If you are still unable to decipher the clues, look again later in the day at your dream. 

And if by the end of the day you have still not found your answer try again that night or the next night. Most people need to practice focused dreaming for several nights before receiving their answer, so don't give up hope.

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