Ehwaz Meaning

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The Interpretation and Meaning of Ehwaz

The Rune Ehwaz is part of my Rune Meanings series...

In a Rune Reading the Ehwaz meaning is seen as an indicator of travel and exploration.

The ancient meaning of Ehwaz is that of a horse. In the modern day the Ehwaz meaning is concerned with a journey, movement, progress and speed.

In a Rune Reading the Ehwaz Rune is seen as a positive one and can mean progress and development in career, business or love relationships.

A journey or travel is also associated with the Ehwaz Rune and can indicate a spiritual, emotional or physical journey leading to transformation and better times.

Speed and quickness of thought are also associated with the Ehwaz Rune and in a Rune Reading can indicate a need to take swift action to take up ideas and opportunities that suddenly come your way.

Overall the appearance of the Ehwaz Rune is seen as a very welcome one that promises quick and speedy progress.

Ehwaz Meaning

In a Rune Reading the Ehwaz Rune it can also mean that if you are feeling stuck in a rut then you will need to make the choice of going with what your heart is telling you and cut your losses.

You can settle for your present circumstances or choose to take action to resolve matters. Great happiness awaits you if you can trust what you know to be the right thing for you to do.

Ehwaz Reversed Meaning

The Ehwaz reversed meaning relates to delays and blockages often related to career advancement or business success.

Being lost – either spiritually or emotionally is also found in the Ehwaz reversed meaning.

Runes of Magic & Divination

The Runes of magic and divination have been used throughout the ages to foretell futures and to aid Spell casting and manifestation. Rune secrets are revealed and used for inscribing magical meanings onto candles used in Spell casting.

Inscribing the Ehwaz Rune symbol onto a red candle during Spell casting for career advancement, business success or love commitment is a great way to increase the Spells likely manifestation.

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Ehwaz Rune Correspondences

The Ehwaz Rune corresponds with the colour white, the number 19, the Tarot card of the Lovers and the astrological sign of Gemini. The goddess Freyja and the god Frey are also associated with the Ehwaz Rune. The element of Earth is contained within the male and female Ehwaz Rune.

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