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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter XYZ from this Dream Dictionary XYZ page.


The dream meaning of having an X-Ray or seeing X-Ray equipment means that there are hidden secrets that need to be revealed. It may be you who is keeping the secrets or others close to you are withholding information.


The dream meaning of a xylophone indicates great ambition and dedication and shows that your goals are within your reach.


The meaning of dreams connected with a yacht is that of a desire for wealth, luxury and living the high life. You may find yourself exactly where you want be to sail off into the sunset.


The dream interpretation associated with someone yelling at you is very different to the one if you are doing the yelling. To be yelled at indicates that you feel inferior, insecure or under pressure to perform. If you are doing the yelling this shows a need to have what you have to say taken seriously by others. If you yell and no sound comes out this shows that your views, opinions and ideas are being overlooked or ignored by other.


The meaning of dreams connected with the colour yellow shows that you are concentrating on improving your knowledge. It shows a need to study, to learn new things and to be open to unusual ideas that come to you.

Yellow Bird

The meaning of dreams involving yellow birds shows great happiness especially in love relationships.

Yew Tree

The dream meaning of a yew tree shows that you may be grieving, mourning or saddened by the death of a loved one.


The dream interpretation associated with dreaming about an egg yolk or yolks shows that you are entering a very fertile, productive and creative phase of your life. Take every opportunity offered to you regarding your creativity presented to you in the days after you have dreamt about yolks.


The meaning of dreams involving a yoyo shows that you are coping well with life's ups and downs. You feel in control and able to manage the challenges that are before you.


Dreaming about a zebra or zebras acts as a warning. There may be a need to seek balance in your life. You may be spending too much time concentrating on one area of your life while neglecting other areas. It is a wake up cal to assess your home/work balance.


In dream interpretation dreaming about the number zero can indicate that you may be going around in circles and not getting anywhere. You may need to break free from this vicious circle and find ways to achieve some of the goals you set yourself, even if the means going outside of your comfort zone.


Dreaming about undoing a zip can indicate a new relationship in which you want to reveal the real you. A closed zip can mean just the opposite with reluctance to open up and give of yourself too soon. To dream of a broken zip or a zip that is stuck can show that you feel trapped in a situation whereby you want to be honest, forthright and speak out but find you are stifled.


The dream interpretation associated with dreaming about a zoo is that of feeling confined, trapped or caged. You may feel that others are viewing your misfortune with delight.

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