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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter T from this Dream Dictionary T page.


The dream meaning of a tambourine suggests a coming together of friends or family for a joyous celebration. A dream about a tambourine is a good omen and can predict the birth of a much wanted baby, an out of the blue marriage or a significant windfall.


In dream interpretation the meaning of a tapestry relates to you career path and shows you working hard and diligently to create the life you want for yourself. No matter where you are on the career ladder dreaming about a tapestry shows that you are on your way upwards and could receive a pay raise or promotion.

Tarot Cards

The dream meaning of Tarot cards suggests that you are looking for answers and are concerned about your future destiny.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing a tattoo on someone or having a tattoo yourself indicates a need to reveal your true feelings for someone. You want to display your emotions but feel too shy to do so.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of being in tears symbolises that you are in need of emotional healing. Someone may have hurt you badly and you need to recover from the pain you suffered.


Teeth dreams are one of the most common dreams. If you dream that your teeth are falling out in could be that you feel pressured to live up to unrealistic expectations of beauty and appearance. Another explanation to teeth dreams is that of speaking out of turn, saying things that you later regret or general gossiping.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing a temple in your dream suggests a spiritual awakening and realisation of a certain path to follow. You will find the safe haven you have been looking for.


The dream meaning of a theatre is dependent on being a member of the audience or being on stage. If you are on stage it suggests that you want to be recognised for your achievements. Being part of the audience indicates a need to blend into the background and not to stand out in a crowd.


The meaning of dreams connected to hearing thunder predicts a dramatic and momentous event is about to happen to you.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of a tiger symbolises the need to keep hidden something you do not want to be revealed. You feel you cannot trust anyone with the deep secret you have.


Understandably enough dreaming about a tortoise shows that you need to slow down, take your time so that you can come out a winner. Another dream meaning connected to dreaming about a tortoise relates to a need to feel sheltered and protected.


The meaning of dreams connected to a tower symbolises your hopes and desires to live a better life. it shows you are aiming high and will need to put in practical action to allow all the ideas you have to succeed.


Dreaming about being stuck in traffic is representative of the frustrating feelings you feel about being stuck in a rut. You may feel no matter how hard you try you cannot get ahead.


Dreaming about using a trapeze shows that are longing for change and excitement. This may be affecting several areas of your life with a need for freshness, newness and experimentation. Embrace anything new and exciting that comes your way.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of a train shows that your life path is going in the direction you want it to. If, however you dream of a train crash then this shows your frustration and unhappiness to be in the situation you find yourself in.


The dream meaning of seeing trees in a dream shows that you are feeling stable and secure in a relationship and want to put firm roots down.


The dream meaning of tulips suggests a need to turn over a new leaf and put the past behind you. It shows you are ready to move on from a painful period in your life and enter a new phase in your life.


The meaning of dreams connected to being in a tunnel represents a fear of what lies in front of you. You may have some big changes ahead of you and a fearful of what will happen.


The dream interpretation of twins in dreams shows a need to see the other side of an argument. You may need to step into someone's shoes to realise that there is more than one view of an argument.

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