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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter S from this Dream Dictionary S page.

Safety Pin

The dream meaning of a safety pin is related to feelings of insecurity. You may feel you have lost your way and lack control over your finances, your career or your love life. You may need to pin down and secure the aspect of your life that is causing you most problems.


The meaning of dreams connected to the herb sage suggests a need for spiritual cleansing and healing. You may have too many mental pressures placed upon you and need time out to rest and recuperate.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of a sailboat suggests that you will sail through any challenges or obstacles that are put in front of you and find the success you have been hoping for.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of seeing a sailor suggests a need to look for new horizons. You may be feeling restless and want to travel and explore and find some excitement.


Dreaming about sand shows that certain aspects of your life are shifting and changing. There may be dramatic changes ahead for you with movement to pastures new related to your career or love life.


The meaning of dreams connected to a sandwich can show that you feel trapped or sandwiched between two opposing views, thoughts or decisions to take. Dreaming of a sandwich can show that you need to reach a final decision on an area of your life that has been worrying you.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing a scarecrow indicates a time is needed to be alone. You have some major thinking to do and need time and space to do it without constant interruptions.


To dream about your school suggests a desire to expand your horizons, learn new things and put the past behind you. There may be many lessons to be learnt in front of you.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing scissors indicates a need to cut away all that is unhealthy and unhelpful in your life. You may need to trim away excesses, harmful habits and toxic people.


In dream interpretation to dream that you are screaming indicates a strong urge to speak up and speak out about an injustice, an untruth or unfair behaviour. If, in your dream you attempt to scream, but no sound comes out, then it shows that you may feel powerless, impotent and unable to confront a troubling situation.


Dreaming about a seesaw is a reflection of the ups and downs you are experiencing with certain aspects of your life. You may need to seek ways to smooth out your emotions and get them on an even keel.


The meaning of dreams connected to sex show that your desires are strong and need fulfilment and satisfaction. To dream that you are having sex with a stranger suggests a need for excitement, experimentation and adventure in your sex life. Dreams that involve having sex with a celebrity show that you need to raise your self esteem and self confidence to feel able to compete with people who are considered accomplished, successful and skilled.


Dreaming about a spaceship shows a need to escape from the mundane and brutal reality of a stressful life. If you cannot take a physical trip or journey to escape you may need to take time out to destress and rejuvenate mentally. Or you may need to find new, exciting and unusual hobbies or interests to take you away from normal day to day life.


The meaning of dreams connected to a spider or spiders shows that your artistic and creative side needs to come to the fore. You may feel that your talents and skills are being overlooked or unrecognized. Find ways to show off these talents and skills to others and you will get the praise, recognition and rewards you deserve.

Another dream meaning connected to a spider spinning a web revolves around a dominant female figure in your life that will have great influence and power to help or hinder your career. It is best to get her on your side as soon as you are able so that she can help rather than hinder. You may need to swallow your pride and suck up to her to achieve this.


The dream meaning of a stag shows that you need to hold your ground and stand firm in the face of challenges and adversity. Do not bend to the will of others and adhere to your principles to keep your pride and reputation intact.


The dream meaning of a suitcase relates to a need to make changes in your life and to seek new challenges to stretch yourself. You may feel that your life is in a rut and long to add some adventure and excitement into your life.


The meaning of dreams connected to sunflowers are always positive. Dreaming about sunflowers is a very good omen and predicts the sun will be shining on you and you will not put a foot wrong. It can predict abundant wealth for you.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of a swan or swans relates to an important and significant relationship that maybe heading for an even stronger bond and full commitment.


Dreaming that you are swimming indicates that you are under immense and intense emotional pressure. You may feel that you are swimming against the tide and everything you do is hopeless. You will need to communicate outwardly your true feelings to someone to relieve the emotional pressure.


The meaning of dreams connected to a sword suggests major and decisive decisions to be made. You may have to cut through the fog to get a clear and decisive picture of what you need to do.

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