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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter O from this Dream Dictionary O page.


The dream meaning of an oasis shows a brilliant new and rare opportunity coming your way. This opportunity should be taken up by you wholeheartedly as the results will bring rewards, recognition and great success. Dreaming about an oasis is a very good omen.

Oak Tree

The meaning of dreams connected to an oak tree shows whatever you have been building and working on is about to pay off with great dividends. Dreaming of an oak tree can also be an indicator of a pregnancy or birth of a creative idea.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing your own obituary signals the ending of one phase in your life and the beginning of another which will be of great significance.


The dream interpretation of obstacles in your dream symbolises the barriers you need to break through and hurdles you need to get over to succeed in a plan you have been formulating.


The dream meaning of an ocean is representative of your emotional state. To see rough waters suggests that you are or will be going through some rough times emotionally. A calm, smooth ocean suggests a happy, peaceful and pleasant time ahead for you.


The meaning of dreams connected to an octopus suggest that you are spreading your energies to thinly, you may have too many projects on the go at one time to do any one of them full justice.


The meaning of dreams connected to a workplace office suggests a need for order and discipline in your career path.


The dream interpretation of olives or an olive tree symbolises peaceful and friendly times ahead for you. Any battle you have been going through –whether internal battles with yourself or battles with others – are set to smooth over.


The dream meaning of an onion or onions indicates the layers of a situation you may need to peel away to get at the truth. Secrets may be deeply hidden and will need your determination and cunning to get to the bottom of them. Dreaming of onions can also be an indicator of emotional times ahead of you involving shedding many tears.


The meaning of dreams connected to undergoing an operation relates to aspects of your life that you need to cut out, heal or repair. Look carefully at yourself to find where you may be self-harming with excess, overindulgence, bad habits and addictions.


The dream interpretation of the colour orange shows a hectic and busy social life. You will be making new friends or networking to further your career. As the colour orange is a joyous colour it shows great happiness is ahead for you.


The dream meaning of the fruit oranges shows that any worries you have concerning your family will dissipate as problems will be resolved.


Dreaming about an orchestra represents working together as a team to achieve a perfect end result. You may need to look at the points of view of others, take on their input and accept help to succeed in something that is important to you.


The meaning of dreams related to experiencing an orgasm in a dream indicates a need to express your desires, needs and wishes to a lover.


Dreams involving an oven usually refer to your fertility and a desire for parenthood.


The meaning of dreams related to wearing an overcoat indicate a covering up, shielding or hiding of your true feelings for someone.


The meaning of dreams connected to an owl means you are facing major decisions that will ultimately affect your life. These decisions should only be made after seeking and receiving trusted and professional advice.

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