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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter H from this Dream Dictionary J page.


Dreaming about a Jacuzzi symbolizes a need for cleansing and ridding yourself from toxic people and situations.


The dream meaning of jars differs depending on if the jars are empty or filled. An empty jar can indicate a need to use your talents, gifts and skills creatively. The empty jar is a representative of you and how you feel when not using your gifts fully.

Dreaming about filled jars can show a time of abundance, plenty and success is awaiting you.


The dream meaning of a jaguar or other large wild cats suggests a need to be shrewd, cunning and wily to tackle a troubling issue. In dream analysis dreaming about a jaguar is often connected with the work arena and a need to compete with others.


In dream analysis dreaming about being in jail indicates a need for you to break free from the ties that are binding you and preventing you living the type of life you want for yourself.


The dream meaning of jasmine is a very good omen and suggests a time is coming for you that is filled with bright and new opportunities to bring joy into your life.


To dream that you are experiencing the emotion of jealousy means that someone is very jealous of you and is out to make trouble for you.


The meaning of dreams connected to jelly or jello relates to feelings of uncertainty about a close relationship. You may be feeling insecure, inadequate and impotent to what the other person is doing to you. You don't feel settled and secure and will need to resolve this.


In dream analysis dreaming about a jester suggests a need to take a risk or gamble and be more adventurous.


Dreaming about Jesus Christ can have a number of meanings. Firstly it can mean that you are in need of guidance and have lost your way. Another meaning about dreams involving Jesus can herald a time of peace, contentment and serenity.


In dream analysis dreaming about jewels indicates a need to be loved and supported through a difficult time. The treasures and preciousness of people who love you are represented by the jewels. Either you may need to receive the love or support or offer it to your loved ones.


In dream interpretation to dream about a jigsaw suggests that you are being puzzled and troubled by the actions of someone close to you.


The dream meaning of a journey can indicate a physical journey ahead for you or an emotional one in which you must 'move on' from someone or something.


The meaning of dreams connected to dreaming about a judge shows that you feel as though you are being scrutinized, judged and inspected. You may feel under threat and under suspicion and your every action put under the microscope.


Dreaming about juggling indicates that you may be spreading your energies too thinly. You may have too many balls in the air at one time and will inevitably drop one if you do not take great care.


The meaning of dreams connected to a jungle indicates a need to get to the truth in a situation that is troubling you. You may need to cut through some thick foliage to find out honest answers.

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