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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter F from this Dream Dictionary F page.


In dream interpretation to experience the emotion of failure in your dream shows that you are having doubts about important decisions you have recently made.


To faint in a dream or to witness someone fainting suggests that you are entering a period of stress. You may be undergoing trials and tribulations but you will get through them and come out the winner.


In dream interpretation to dream about a fairy is an extremely good omen and shows luck in love, money and health.


Dreaming about a falcon shows that you are heading for great success and accomplishment. This success may have to come at a price as you may upset others and lose friends on your way to the top.


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Dreaming about your father can have a variety of meanings. Firstly it can mean that you need to step out of your comfort zone, take on new challenges and responsibilities. Dreaming about your father can also be a warning to you not to overspend, over indulge or be too frivolous. But the most likely meaning of dreams connected to a father is related to your own role as a parent or potential parent.


The dream meaning of a farm suggests a need to grow and prosper. Your creative talents may need to be supported, cultivated and enriched with training, education and practice.

In dream analysis dreaming about a farm can also mean that you fear conformity and do not want to be just like the rest of the pack. You may need to take efforts to be the leader rather than the follower.


In dream analysis dreaming about experiencing fear can signify the actual fear you are facing, for example fear of flying before a long flight. Alternatively dreams about feeling fearful can be a warning to look out for people who want to take advantage of you. If you have dreamt about being frightened be cautious in your dealings with strangers – particularly those wanting money from you.


The dream meaning of a feather often signifies an angel or even guardian angle trying to get a message to you.

Dreaming about a feather is a very good omen and can mean you are growing spiritually and psychically.


The meaning of dreams connected to the month of February signifies a need to confront issues with a partner – this can either be a business relationship or love relationship. A need to clear the air, get things on equal terms and ensure you are not taken advantage of is the message when dreaming about the month of February.


Dreams involving fish invariably are related to love relationships and strengthening and bonding. To dream of a fish can foretell an engagement, a marriage or conception of a baby.


The dream meaning connected with dreams about floods suggests a feeling of being overwhelmed with doubts and worries. You may feel that you cannot cope with the burdens that have been placed upon you.


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In dream analysis to dream that you are walking through a forest suggests that you are going through a difficult time as far as your finances are concerned but are due to be resolved with a windfall coming your way.


To see a fountain in your dream indicates luck in finances is due to you.


In dream analysis to dream about a fox shows that you will use cunning and clever means to accomplish a project. You will come out the winner because of your ingenuity.


To dream about a frog suggests a need for change and new directions. You may feel unsettled, uncomfortable and stifled by your present circumstances. You will need to break free and move on to pastures new to achieve happiness.


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