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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter D from this Dream Dictionary D page.


The dream meaning of daffodils in dreams shows that you are eager to fulfil some creative or fertile endeavour. This could mean a pregnancy or the conception and birth of a creative idea that will be life changing.


In dream analysis to dream about a Dalmatian dog suggests that there are several areas of your life that are causing minor irritation and irritability. If you do not address these minor irritants they will culminate in a larger annoyance that could have you feeling overwhelmed, overstressed and unable to cope.


To dream of daybreak symbolises the dawn of a new day as far as your motivation and desire is concerned. You will begin to see things differently, more positively and with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration to make the changes you need to improve your life.


In dream analysis dreaming about a death often signifies the birth of an actual baby or the birth of a creative idea that will be very lucrative.

The dream meaning of one's own death shows a realization that you need to let go of toxic relationships, circumstances and environments that are unhelpful and unhealthy for you.


In dream analysis to dream about being in debt or worrying about an unpaid debt usually suggests that you will be coming into some money soon. This could be a win, unexpected windfall or repayment of a loan.


In dream interpretation to dream about a deer signifies a person in your life of great significance. Depending on what the deer is doing in your dream e.g. running away or standing staring shows that the person wants to break free from you or wants to stay loyal to you by your side.


In dream analysis if you dream that you are depressed this could indicate an actual depression or more likely acts as a warning to dig yourself out of a rut you are in or break bad habits or possible addictions.


In dream analysis if you dream that you are desperate to do something it shows that you are willing to take risks and gamble to shake up your life. You may be feeling bored, undervalued or under stimulated and will need to find ways to add fun and excitement into your life.


In dream interpretation to dream that you are devoted to something or someone shows that you are a natural giver and may be giving too much of yourself, your time and energy at the expense of your own well being.


Dreaming about witnessing a disaster such as a flood, earthquake or airplane crash symbolises your inner fears. It shows that you are fearful of change.


To dream that you discover something shows that you are hiding something, this maybe keeping secrets from others or failing to face up to the truth. You may be minimising or brushing under the carpet things that need to be addressed before they get unmanageable.


The meaning of dreams connected to dogs relates to a desire to stand firm, defend yourself from criticism and do what you know is right.

The dream meaning of dogs can also mean a love relationship is about to get even closer with the possibility of commitment, devotion and strong love.


To dream about a dolphin or dolphins means you will undergo a period of learning and study. This study relates to your spiritual side and how you can express yourself creatively. This will lead to greater understanding and awareness for you.


In dream analysis to dream about a donkey symbolises your work life. It shows that your hard work, determination and carrying of responsibility is about to pay off with recognition and reward.


The meaning of dreams about a door or doors relates to opportunities. If the door is firmly shut you may be regretting not taking up a chance or opportunity that you have passed over. Open doors signify more than one opportunity coming your way and usually relate to money matters.


In dream analysis the meaning of dreams relating to doves is usually concerned with your relationship with a close loved one. This dream speaks about the love and loyalty you have with a loved one. But if you dream about a dove that is flying away from you this is a bad omen as far as the relationship is concerned.


To dream about drawers signifies the different area of your life that may need attention. An open drawer suggests a need to confront difficulties within relationships. A closed drawer shows a need to tackle financial matters head on and to stop avoiding facing the truth about overspending.


The dream meaning of dumbbells suggests a need to unburden yourself, make a confession or clear the air.

In dream analysis dreaming about dumbbells can also show a need to pluck up the courage and strength to ask for a pay rise or promotion.

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