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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter B from this Dream Dictionary B page.


In dream analysis to dream about a ballet suggests self confidence and a certainty that a forthcoming test or exam will be successful for you.


The meanings of dreams related to a baby being baptized suggests rejuvenation and rebirth. You will be entering a new, fresher and cleaner phase in your life without the complications that have worried you in the past. You will be ridding yourself of anything that no longer is useful or helpful to you.


In dream analysis dreaming about basil is a very good omen and shows that money will be coming your way.


According to dream analysis to see bats in your dream is usually a bad omen. It can suggest some difficult and challenging times ahead particularly regarding love relationships. It can show deception and unfaithfulness.


In dream analysis to dream about a bear or bears signifies that you are entering a new and important stage in your life. It symbolises an awakening in which you will use a completely set of fresh eyes on familiar surroundings.


Dreaming about a bell or bells, particularly church bells signifies a need for drastic and dramatic change in your life.

In dream analysis a bell can also mean being alerted to an important event or opportunity coming your way. You may need to keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for opportunities.


In dream analysis to dream that you are bewildered suggests that decisions you need to make are weighing heavily on your mind. You will need to make your decision and choose wisely to avoid unfavourable repercussions.


In dream interpretation to dream of a bird flying suggests that you will soon be expanding your horizons, seeking out new experiences and travelling. It shows that you are willing to learn and broaden your knowledge.


In dream analysis to dream about giving birth or watching someone else giving birth signifies newness in your life. It shows you turning over a new leaf, putting the past behind you and embracing exciting opportunities.


In dream analysis to dream about your birthday shows that you feel confident and self assured to tackle the challenges ahead of you and live up to your potential.


The dream meaning of the colour black signifies something hidden from you. Someone close to you may be keeping secrets and deceiving you.

In dream analysis the colour black can also mean you need to reveal a secret, confess and face the truth.


According to dream analysis to see a blackbird in your dream is an indicator that bad luck is about to befall you particularly in relation to money matters. So if you dream of a blackbird be particularly careful and cautious with your money and keep a firm grip on your wallet.


To dream about a blizzard suggests that you feel blocked or hampered by someone or something that is getting in your way. You may have to think long and hard on how you can overcome these barriers.


The meaning of dreams connected to the colour blue relates to a need for peace, calm and time away from stressful events.

In dream analysis dreaming about the colour blue is also concerned with the need to communicate your thoughts and feelings to someone of importance in your life.


In dream interpretation to dream about blushing suggests that you are hiding your true feelings for someone from them. You may feel embarrassed and self conscious but you will need to pluck up courage to verbalise your feelings.


Dreaming about boxing suggests that you are battling either with yourself or with others. You may have been tempted to do things that are against your moral code and feel guilty because of it.


In dream analysis to dream about a bullfight shows that you feel under threat and under attack. This is coming from jealous rivals.


The meaning of dreams connected to travelling on a bus relates to a need to find direction in your life. You may be floundering and wondering which way your should go. The dream meaning of buses usually relates to career paths.

In dream analysis dreaming about waiting for a bus or catching the wrong bus means that a particular aspect of your life needs total concentration and focus. You may be spreading yourself too thinly and ignoring a vital area of your life.


The dream meaning of a butterfly or butterflies is that of confusion and uncertainty.

In dream analysis dreaming about a butterfly signifies a need for clarity in questions relating to love, family or friendships.

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