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Many people experience bad luck and seem to always be taking one step forward and three steps back. They seem to be the very opposite to King Midas with everything they touch turning not to gold but to dust.

Many of these people believe themselves to be cursed or hexed. This can be a genuine belief that a Witch, Gypsy or Spell Caster has placed a bad luck curse upon them or their family. Or it can be the only plausible reason they can find as to why they continually suffer such bad luck.

You may have been told by a Psychic that you are hexed, cursed or the victim of the evil eye, voodoo or Black Magic.

You may have been told that you have dark negative energies surrounding you which cause you a great deal of bad luck.

For example, Maria from San Diego, USA contacted me after a horrendous series of bad luck that had affected her and her family. This included the murder of a close relative, her son lost his job, her car was stolen and she was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. 

After I cast a Prosperity Spell for her and included the free spell to remove curses her life suddenly became much better. She felt lighter, brighter and welcomed positive opportunities that seemed to appear form nowhere.

Law of Attraction

We are all aware of the Law of Attraction and how good luck, fortune, love and happiness follows 'lucky' positive people and how bad luck, financial ruin and misery sticks to the negative 'unlucky'. But keeping constantly positive, uplifted and bright in spirit to be open to opportunities is very difficult when you have lost your job, your lover or your reason for living. This is where what some people term a 'Curse Removal Spell' can be the answer.

For this reason, with every one of the Spells I cast, I offer a free Spell to remove a curse. This means that you buy one Spell and get the Curse Removal Spell free. Once you order a Spell or Spells from me I can "add on" the Free Spell to remove a curse.

You will need a combination of cleansing of dark negative energies and protection from dark forces, negative and harmful people and circumstances and bad luck in general. In this way you will be open to receiving abundance in the form of health, wealth and happiness.

Curse Removal Spells

Whether the curse is real or perceived the very act of a Curse Removal Spell being cast for you can release you from the negative cycle you find yourself in.

This can allow a new lease of life with a brighter attitude to life and to be open to opportunities to increase good luck, fortune and happiness.

To take full advantage of the Curse Removal I offer, and it's powerful benefits, you can have me carefully cast your own personal Curse Removal Spell, after selecting and purchasing one or more of the many Spells I offer, including Money Spells, Love Spells and Prosperity Spells.

Click here for a full range of Spells cast by me, Alizon.

Protection Spells

One of the Spells I offer is a powerful general Protection Spell.

This Spell is designed to protect against all real or perceived attacks from all sources of negative energy.

To learn more about this Spell see Protection Spells.


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