Crystals – Choosing, Cleansing and Charging…

Healing Crystals and Gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Moonstone etc have been used for healing and magical purposes for thousands of years. They have the ability to soak up and hold onto energies and can subtly help to bring the energy vibrations within your body and aura into a healthy and vibrant balance. This makes them the perfect tools for healing and magic workings.

I adore crystals and the positive energy I get from them whether in wearing as jewellery, keeping them around my home, for healing or Magical workings is miraculous and energising. All crystals contain ancient and powerful energies.

I have a wide range of crystals that I use in my Magic Spells. I use for example Rose Quartz in my Love Spells and green Aventurine in my Money Spells. I love to use Moonstone in my Attraction Spells.

I also handpick crystals to create powerful spell infused Talismans for individuals who want to achieve their specific goal, wish or desire. The Talisman is charmed by me, a real Witch to provide power, energy, and specific benefits to its eventual owner. It is Spell infused, ritually blessed and magically 'inscribed' to carry a personal and specific message to the Universe. From as far back as the days of the legendary lost city of Atlantis, through the ancient Mayan, and Egyptian civilisations, and including Far Eastern and Native American cultures, gem stones have been used in both spiritual rituals and as aids to physical and mental healing.

Today thousands of people worldwide who use them claim that they aid their mental and physical well-being. Using an Amethyst Crystal, for example is a great way to increase your own psychic abilities.

Whether you intend using them for healing, spell work, as a meditational aid or just because they look nice in a dish you need to look after them to get the best from your personal Crystal.

Choosing a Stone

Most importantly when choosing Crystals is to select the Crystal you are most drawn to. Use your intuition to guide you in your selection. If it feels right – it probably is just the Crystal you most need!

If you are choosing Crystals for a specific reason, for example to increase your psychic abilities, or to give you more confidence, keep that thought in mind when making your selection.

Choosing Crystals

Caring for a Stone


You need to respect them, treat them gently and care for them. Gem stones are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and can soak up negative energies from their environment or anyone handling them.

They need to be ‘decontaminated’ of unwanted negative vibrations by cleansing regularly to allow them to work to their utmost potential.

To cleanse your Crystal, simply wash it under running water for a few moments. If possible cleanse it in a stream, a natural spring or the sea. If you haven’t easy access to the ocean or natural bodies of water simply add salt to the cleansing water as this will add the electrical properties contained in the salt to the cleansing process.


Once cleansed you need to charge the Crystal.

Charging will keep the positive energy of the Crystal focused upon you so that it most benefits you. Avoid others touching or handling your Crystal, as it will absorb possible negative energies from them, diluting the benefits to you.

There are many ways to charge a Crystal but here are a few suggestions:

If you want to charge your crystal with the Element of Fire as with sun energy to help with confidence, vibrant health, motivation or creative projects etc. then place your Crystal on a windowsill or outdoors for a few hours in the sunshine.

For the benefits of the Element of Water as with moon energy for help with psychic abilities, increased intuition, magical workings etc. moon bathe your Crystal (either in water or not) under the light of a full moon for several hours.

If you want to charge your crystal with the Element of Earth bury your Crystal in the earth for a few hours for earth energies to help with groundedness, strength and banishing negativity.

For the benefits of the Element of Air to help with clear communication, learning and understanding hold your Crystal in the smoke of burning incense.


After cleansing and charging your Crystal it is now time to attune it to your personal vibrations and energies.

By simply wishing or visualising the crystalline energy to be used in a particular way - it will be so! It really is that simple.

To attune your personal Crystal to your own individual needs, dreams and wishes you need to hold your Crystal in both hands. Focus on what you want to programme into your Crystal. Repeat an affirmation to yourself, such as 'I will become more confident, I will increase my psychic abilities, I will discover happiness.' With each exhalation send your desire into your Crystal. You may feel the programming is complete when you feel your Crystal tingle or becoming warm to the touch.

Once you have programmed your Crystal keep it in a safe place where others will not touch it. Try to use your Crystal at least twice daily at first. Remember the more you are able to use your Crystal the more power will be harnessed and utilised to achieve your ultimate goal. Find a quiet, private space and close your eyes. Hold you Crystal gently in your hand, take slow deep breaths and visualise your goal and silently repeat your affirmation.

Gem Stones

Crystal Collection

If you’re anything like me, once you have chosen one Crystal and have witnessed just what amazing things simple gem stones can do for you then you’ll want to increase your Crystal collection.

You can use them in a variety of ways. Just having gem stones around you, your home or your office will always have a positive influence. Healing Crystals can be used for healing as in Crystal therapy with corresponding Chakra cleansing or can be used in Magic Spells, or simple meditation.

Healing Crystals

Your Home

  • Place a Quartz cluster near your computer to absorb unwanted energies.
  • Use Citrine in your office or study to aid better concentration.
  • Place a large Amethyst cluster on the bedside table of a child who suffers nightmares.
  • Use Rose Quartz in any room to foster loving, harmonious relationships.


  • A Crystal can help with meditation especially for specific problems.
  • Rose Quartz is perfect for love or relationship issues.
  • Amethyst is an ideal stone to increase your psychic ability.
  • Clear Quartz gives better insight and clarity.
  • Smoky Quartz can help you see past anything clouding the real issue.

Carry or Wear

  • Wear or carry the relevant stone you need in jewellery or carry it in your pocket or purse.

Body Layouts

  • Experiment with laying gem stones on and around your body as you lie on the bed or floor.

Magic Rituals

  • Gaining knowledge about the spiritual properties and magical meanings of Gem stones will help you with your own Magic Spells and rituals.

Properties and Meanings of Gem Stones


Amber is an excellent cleanser and purifier and helps recovery from depression. Known for its magical properties it is often worn by Witches to increase the effectiveness of Magic..... Read More


The Amethyst is one of the most useful Gem stones for healing, meditation and Magical workings. It is considered a very spiritual stone and is said to increase Psychic ability and assist with Psychic development and spiritual awareness..... Read More


The Aventurine gets its name from the Italian phrase ‘per aventura’ meaning ‘by chance.’ And it is its associations with luck and chance that it is most famed. Aventurine is used in Money and Prosperity Spells and is said to be very lucky.....Read More

Azurite strengthens Psychic and healing ability and is very calming to the soul. It has a bright blue colour and is very appealing and attractive. It releases stress and helps to inspire and motivate to have the confidence to make fresh starts…..Read More

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate is one of the most useful healing crystals as it associated with healing of all kinds and added to other crystals will bring an all round gentle healing effect. It therefore makes an excellent addition to any assortment of power stones.....Read More


Carnelian has a strong female energy and is connected with fertility and creativity. It is a powerful motivation stone and can help with physical, mental and emotional strength. It is a source of raised self esteem, confidence and inspiration..... Read More

Citrine as a power stone is said to increase courage, boost confidence and raise self-esteem. It activates and energises both body and mind and helps you handle the process of change. It is also said to attract wealth and prosperity.....Read More

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz helps people to be released from the past in order to ‘move on’. It amplifies and transforms energy and as such is a very powerful tool for both healing and magical purposes. It encourages focus and is ideal for meditation.....Read More


Jet is considered to be a stone of sympathy and of recovery from depression, sadness, loss and grief. It is a brilliant absorber of negative energy and as such should be frequently cleansed of the negative energy by exposure to sunlight…..Read More


Moonstone is associated with the Moon, the feminine, intuition, the heart and fertility. It is said to assist with the cycles of change and is perfect for meditation. It also has associations with rejuvenation, beauty, fresh starts and new beginnings.....Read More

Red Jasper
Red Jasper is a great protective and healing stone and is used in defensive Magic as it sends negativity back to the place of origin. Magical purposes for use in rituals and Spell work associated with Red Jasper are for healing and cleansing…..Read More

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most effective healing crystals for general healing. It removes negativity, encourages self-love and self esteem. It has associations with youth and rejuvenation. It is also used in Love Spells to attract love.....Read More

Tigers Eye

Tiger’s Eye has a strong male energy with motivation being a key element. This power stone can also help in any painful situations both emotional and physical. It can help boost a low sex drive and also helps speed up a sluggish metabolism…..Read More

The famous Psychic Edgar Cayce placed great emphasis on the spiritual value of Gem Stones and Crystals. His book Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color, Stones and Crystals (Mass Market Paperback) explores the subject of energy vibrations within colours, stones, and crystals and how they have a beneficial influence when worn or carried by a person.

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