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Common dreams people have...

There are certain dreams that are common to many people. Common dreams like falling, being chased or being naked occur in lots of people's dreams. What is fascinating is that although we may all be individuals with different backgrounds, different experiences and different perspectives we share such common dreams. 

Below are the most common dreams that people report that they have dreamt and their dream interpretation.

Chase Dreams

Being chased is a very common dream. Many people report that they are being chased in a dream. 

In dream interpretation being pursued by a known or more likely unknown pursuer or perhaps being chased by dogs, other animals or even monsters or aliens is a common dream. Such dreams as chase dreams usually indicate anxiety, stress and intense pressure in the dreamer's life. You may want to flee and escape from the scary uncertainties that stressful lives hold. We all need some level of stress in our lives but when it becomes overwhelming it inevitably shows up in our dreams. You may need to find ways to avoid stress and anxiety to prevent these chase dreams from reoccurring.

Another possible reason to experience chase dreams, according to dream analysis, is that of something within your own personality that you are trying to escape from. This could be jealousy, resentment or anger. To stop having chase dreams you may need to deal with these issues and face them head on.

If, in a chase dream, you are the one who is doing the chasing this usually relates to your ambition and drive and your need to be ahead of the pack.

Chase dreams are usually quite negative and cause associated negative energies of fear, anxiety and worry which add to your stress. You may need to confront your waking hour's life to find ways to alleviate stress and tension.

Flying Dreams

Dreaming about flying is another common dream. In dream interpretation this is one of the positive and even enthralling common dreams that people experience. To have the ability to fly like a bird, high above in the sky, is exhilarating, exciting and extremely pleasurable.

If you are dreaming about flying freely and unrestrained and are enjoying the experience this suggests that you feel in control, relaxed and confident in your waking life. It shows you have risen to the heights you have set yourself and probably found new perspectives. People who experience this form of common dream are often highly intelligent, strongly creative and vivid in their imaginations.

If however, according to dream analysis, you feel frightened or scared of the flying in your dream this may indicate that you have set your targets too high and feel inadequate and incapable of reaching them.

Naked Dreams

Being naked in public is a very common dream. Dreaming of being naked can mean many things according to dream interpretation. The most popular explanation is one that you are trying to hide or conceal something. Perhaps you are keeping secrets that you would not like to be revealed publically.

Dreaming about being naked and feeling embarrassed because of it often shows up your vulnerabilities, your shyness or your fears of being publically humiliated. If in your life, you need to make a speech, appear in front of an audience or are forced to meet many new people you may experience naked dreams.

If you dream of being naked and feel no shame or embarrassment this shows that you are very comfortable with yourself and have nothing to hide from anyone. It shows a strong will, confident nature and a refreshing openness.

If in your dream your nakedness does not seem to get noticed by others, this can show that any fears you have or perceived faults are unfounded and left unnoticed by others.

Test Dreams

In dream analysis to dream about tests or exams indicates fears and anxieties that you are failing in some aspect of your life or are being scrutinised and put to the test. Dreaming about tests or exams – whether you cannot finish the test, arrive too late to sit the test or cannot understand the questions are all common dreams. 

Dreaming of failing a test or exam for whatever reason usually shows low self esteem and low confidence. You may feel you are falling short of the expectations you set for yourself or those of others.

Test dreams can also show as being unready or unprepared to take on new experiences, tasks or challenges in your waking life.

Lost Dreams

A very common dream is that of being lost. The anxiety, worry and bewilderment that go with that are strongly felt in a dream about being lost. In dream interpretation being lost indicates a lack of direction in your life. This can mean that you are unsure about your priorities in life and what once was very important is no longer so. 

Another dream interpretation of being lost relates to having to make decisions and being uncertain about it. You may be torn between taking two or more paths, two or more opportunities or strengthening two or more potential relationships.

Losing people or objects is yet another common dream and can mean that you are feeling weighed down with burdens, responsibilities or challenges. You may need to reassess, delegate and generally streamline your life and 'lose' things that are no longer beneficial to you.

Phone Dreams

Dreaming about problems making or receiving telephone calls is also a common dream. Dialling a wrong number, inability to speak to whom you want or the telephone is not working are just some of the scenarios reported in dreams about telephones. 

The dream interpretation meaning assigned to telephone dreams is usually concerned with a lack of communication in your waking life. It can show that you may be reluctant or reticent to get something off your chest, clear the air or criticise someone. Phone dreams can also show that others are failing to communicate with you. The lack of communication may also be a conversation you need to have with yourself. Are you living your life the way you want and in line with your own moral values, beliefs and views?

Teeth Dreams

In dream interpretation teeth dreams in which dreamers dream about teeth falling out is the most common dream reported. Dreamers of this type of common dream either report their teeth falling out one by one, crumbling away or rotting. One explanation to this type of dream suggests an acute anxiety about the appearance of the dreamer. If you dream that your teeth are falling out in could be that you feel pressured to live up to unrealistic expectations of beauty and appearance. 

Another explanation to teeth dreams is that of speaking out of turn, saying things that you later regret or general gossiping.

Falling Dreams

Falling dreams are also common dreams shared by many. In dream analysis dreaming about falling reflects anxiety, insecurity and instability. It shows a lack of control and a loss of power. It can refer to any aspect of your life but most likely to your career not going in the way you intended or your love life having difficulties.

It is a common misconception that dreaming of falling and actually hitting the ground will signal your actual death. This is just a myth as many dreamers have reported falling to the ground and of course waking.

Falling dreams often represent fears. These fears can be unfounded or are actual concerns or worries about making major life changes like starting college, a new job, getting married or expecting a baby.

Falling dreams usually happen soon after falling asleep and can be put down to muscle spasms. These sudden jerky contractions make the dreamer awaken quickly after experiencing falling in their dreams. 

Transportation Dreams

Common dreams shared by many people are those that feature transportation in some way. Travelling by boat, plane, train, car or bus are all common dreams. Misadventures using forms of transportation are also common. Either missing the bus, train, plane etc. or catching the wrong bus, driving an uncontrollable car or runaway train usually refer to a need to explore where you need to go in your waking hours. Figuring out which is the best course of action and fear of making a mistake are features of transportation dreams.

Another dream interpretation related to transportation dreams is that of others influencing you and perhaps pressurising you to do things you would rather not.

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