The Psychic ability of clairsentience literally means 'clear sensing'. Clairsentience is one of the most common forms of psychic abilities experienced. A person who practices the Psychic ability of Clairsentience is known as a clairsentient. A Psychic clairsentient can feel or sense the presence of Spirit. This can be from Spirit guides, passed loved ones, angels or other entities from the Spirit realm.

Clairsentience is most easily explained as the Psychic ability to receive, perceive and sense Psychic information in the form of energies. A Psychic clairsentient will often have a sense that they are being touched; they can feel hot or cold temperatures or feel breezes wafting by them. Some Psychics practising clairsentience can even smell aromas from Spirit.

These can be fragrances associated with passed loved ones. Empathy plays a big part in the success of Psychic clairsentients gift and their ability to sense energy. They just seem to have a 'knowing' of what is happening.

Clairsentience is often used to best effect within the practice of psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to touch an object, animal or person and sense the energy surrounding them. Energies can be positive or negative, light or heavy, dark or vibrant and because of this the Psychic clairsentient can feel ill, depressed or sad if the energies are dark, heavy or negative. Conversely the Psychic clairsentient can feel elated, happy and ecstatic if sensing positive, light and vibrant energies.

The technique of Clairsentience can be practiced and perfected overtime if you have the will and some Psychic ability.

The following are examples of how to know if you are experiencing clairsentience.

  • You can smell a strong floral aroma
  • You detect a flick of white, blue or purple.
  • You feel pressure on the top of the head when connecting with a Spirit.
  • You feel a prickling sensation in the left side of the face when talking to Spirit.
  • You feel a tickling sensation on your hand.
  • The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
  • You see colours in the periphery of your vision.

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