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Citrine Healing Crystals properties & Crystal meanings…

The Crystal Citrine is part of my Crystal Meanings series...

Citrine as a power stone is said to increase courage, boost confidence and raise self-esteem. It is also said to draw wealth and unlimited prosperity. 

Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine enhances the body's healing energy and is useful for balancing the energies and aligning the Chakras. It is linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra and can aid the digestive system and assisting treatment of digestive disorders.

It also opens the conscious mind to intuition and allows psychic abilities to be enhanced.

It is good for assisting with adjusting to the process of change and helps you feel confident and secure.

Magical Crystal Meanings of Citrine

Citrine is connected with the Element of Fire and the direction of South and the planet of the Sun. Its Zodiac signs are that of Libra, Gemini, Aries and Leo. The Star Tarot card is also linked with this stone.

Magical purposes for use in rituals and Spell work associated with Citrine are dispersing accumulations of negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy. This then allows optimism, improved confidence and promotes creativity and helps with mental clarity and problem solving.

Its other main usage for magical workings is as a bringer of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

I use Citrine in the Spells I cast including my Prosperity Spells and Confidence Spells.

Spiritual Purposes of Citrine

This stone is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra so it stimulates both mental focus and endurance so is perfect for deep and lengthy meditations. It activates and energises both body and mind

For meditation purposes Citrine encourages individuality, self-confidence and courage. It is the ‘Happy’ stone so should be used by those who are feeling lost, depressed or grieving.

Myth, Legend and Folklore

The first occurrences of this gemstone being used by man was in Greece in the Hellenistic period for ornamental decorations on jewellery items.

The Romans also used it in their jewellery in intaglios (similar to cameos).

In ancient times, it was carried as a as a protective talisman against the plague, skin problems, snake bites, and evil thoughts.

Known as "The Merchant's Stone", this power stone is said to bring prosperity and draw wealth when placed in a purse, wallet or cash register.

Since it is reported to hold no negativity, it doesn’t require cleansing or clearing.

Scientific Information

Citrine is any Quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in colour. It gets its name from the French word for lemon ’citron’. Citrine crystals can form together with Amethyst or Smoky Quartz to form a bi-coloured quartz named Ametrine. Found in its natural state it is often cut as a gemstone, but natural Citrine is actually rare. It has a hardness of 7.

It is mainly mined in Brazil, Russia, France and Madagascar.

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