How to see Auras

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How to see Auras

Many of us can sense Auras or atmosphere emanating from an individual. We can sense their 'vibes' or vibrations. We intuitively know if they are feeling sad, angry or deliriously happy. Even, when standing next to strangers we can sense their feelings, emotions and personality.

This is without the aid of body language or facial expression. How many times have you been greeted with a smile and a welcome handshake only to sense the insincerity and experience the feeling of being unwelcome when you call uninvited to someone's home?

Or despite their smiles, what they are saying and the body language they are displaying you can instantly tell from the vibrations that an individual gives off that they should not be trusted. Used car salesmen spring to mind!

In this way everyone can sense Auras. But how to see Auras physically is a different matter. To see a range of Aura colours can be difficult or impossible for some people.

Seeing Auras and Aura colours is second nature for some gifted Psychics.

Most Psychics can normally see the first three layers of an Aura and you can train yourself to do the same. You can start to detect slight indications of the Aura with the minimum of effort, and normally within just a few practice sessions. So soon you will be seeing Auras yourself.

Find a willing volunteer to practise on. Place them in front of a white background. Get them to relax and try to relax yourself!

Now focus on just one point. The middle of the forehead is perhaps the best place to start. This is a location of the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. Look at this point for 30 to 60 seconds. After that time look around the head with your peripheral vision, while still concentrating on the same point.

Keep concentrating on the Brow Chakra and at the same time you should see that the background of your subject is brighter and has a different colour than the background further away. This is you seeing Auras. The colours you see at first will be white or blue and just a couple of inches around your subject. This may be all you see at first, but with practice you'll see clouds of colour of yellow, blue and pink around their head.

After some practice you will be seeing Auras in others, even total strangers.

Don't forget that Auras can change colour, depth, range and intensity according to the mental and emotional state of the person involved. Auras give an indication of the personality of an individual.

Auras can extend from a few inches to many feet which vary from individual to individual depending on many factors. And don't forget that Auras have many Aura layers.

Chakra Energising and Aura Cleansing

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A single Chakra Energising and Aura Cleansing is a very powerful cleansing and is appropriate and sufficient for almost all situations.


Multiple Treatments

Seven Chakra Energising and Aura Cleansing treatments carried out over seven days (one per day) involves each of the 7 major Chakras being individually and powerfully energised one per day. This intensive 7 day treatment is most suited to complex cases.

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How to see your Aura

After bathing and while still naked, look into a good size mirror. Try to have a plain white, cream or neutral coloured wall behind you.

Focus your eyes upon your own Brow Chakra. Look at this point for 30 to 60 seconds. After that time look around your head with your peripheral vision, while still concentrating on the same point.

You may have to practice this for up to 10 minutes each day until you can confidently see your own Aura. Soon you should be seeing your own Aura colours.

I do offer a Chakra Energising and Aura Cleansing to help you energise your chakras and cleanse any blemishes within your Aura that might be holding you back in living the type of life you want for yourself.

If you send me a recent head and shoulders picture I can detect what colour is dominant in your Aura. I can also check if your Aura is tinged and tainted with deep and dark coloured streaks, blotches, shadows or patches. These unwanted blemishes in the Aura can come from traumatic events in past lives or emotional, physical or mental pressures in a present life. This manifests itself as dark, dull Aura colours.

I can detect these negative blemishes within your Aura colours and use gentle but powerful Minoan Energy Healing to repair your Aura.

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