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Aura Cleansing is a form of spiritual cleansing and healing to help heal, cleanse and repair damaged, dull and clouded Auras. Sometimes known as an Aura Healing, an Aura Cleansing can clean, brighten and heal an Aura.

We are born with a clear, bright, glowing and vibrant Aura which attracts positive energies to us and repels negative energies. Over time the Aura can get tinged and tainted with dark shadows or clouds attracting unwanted negative energies. This blemished Aura can leave you feeling stressed, tired, unbalanced, unhappy and depressed. It can also attract even more negative energies, negative and strained relationships, difficult and testing circumstances and general feelings of struggle and stress.

To combat this it is important to undertake an Aura Cleansing.

Aura Cleansing can be done in a number of ways. Here are a few suggestions on how to cleanse your Aura.


A very effective form of spiritual cleansing is that using sage. Ignite a small leaf of white sage in a metal dish or container. Inhale the smoke that is emitted through your nose and mouth, holding it for about 10-30 seconds.

Also using sage in the form of a lit smudge stick and wafting the smoke around your body from head to toe is good for cleansing the Aura.


Lie down and place a Clear Quartz crystal upon your Brow Chakra, just between your eyes. Relax, meditate and visualise a white healing light emanating from the crystal and bathing your entire body in healing white light. This is brilliant form of spiritual cleansing.

Another method for Aura healing using the power of crystals is that of creating an elixir. A crystal infused elixir can be sprayed around your body as a fine mist to cleanse your Aura. Choose one, two or three of your favourite crystals such as Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Carnelian or Aventurine. Place the crystals in a bottle and fill the bottle with spring water. Place the bottle outdoors overnight under the moon. The next day you can use the crystal infused water as a spray or atomizer. Spray all around your body from head to toe.


Flower petals and blossoms can also be used for Aura healing by creating a spray. Similar to the method used for a crystal infused elixir, place flowers such as rose, honeysuckle, jasmine, orange blossom or almond blossom in spring water overnight.

You can combine the flowers with crystals for extra strength and potency. Again use the flower water as a spray or atomizer. Spray all around your body from head to toe.

Essential Oils

Essential oil of a combination of Cypress, Juniper, Cinnamon and Diktamos can used for Aura cleansing and Aura healing. Place just a few drops on your finger tips and place on the back of your neck, your wrists and your inner ankles. Inhale the remainder of the essential oil from your fingers and breathe deeply.

You can also use this combination of essential oils in a burner and inhale the aroma. And/or place the mixture in a warm bath and bathe.


The natural elements are probably one of the most effective forms of spiritual healing.

Use the element of air in the form of a strong wind to cleanse your Aura. Standing against a strong wind helps release unwanted energies and naturally cleanses the Aura. Ocean breezes are particular beneficial as they contain ozone.

Use the element of water to bathe in the ocean or sea, lake, stream or river. The purely natural water is of course very cleansing and is ideal for aura healing.

Use the element of earth in the form of a mature and deep rooted tree. Hug the tree and feel the connection to the deep earth.

Use the element of fire in the form of powerful sunlight to energise and cleanse your aura. Be careful to avoid sunburn.


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