Algiz Meaning

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The Rune Meaning of Algiz

The Rune Algiz is part of my Rune Meanings series...

The ancient meaning of the Algiz Rune is that of the Elk and Sedge reeds or rushes. In the modern day the Algiz meaning is concerned with opportunity for growth and development and for protection.

In a Rune Reading the Algiz Rune can indicate a time of great opportunity and success accomplished by hard work and determined effort. It can also show that whatever you have been searching for is well within your reach. Be alert and open to opportunities.

Protection and safety are also associated with the Algiz Rune and can indicate a sense of peace and security after being under threat.

In a Rune Reading the Algiz Rune is seen as a great Rune for anyone taking a risk or gamble or facing uncertainty. The protective element attached to the Algiz Rune means you will be shielded from negative energies.

Overall the appearance of the Algiz Rune is seen as a good one because of the protective element to it.

Algiz Reversed Meaning

The Algiz reversed meaning is one of delays, setbacks and reversal of fortune.

Feelings of being under attack and unprotected are also found in the Algiz reversed meaning.

Runes of Magic & Divination

Use this Algiz Rune when you are in need of protection. Just 'draw' it invisibly with your right index finger a few inches from your face.

Inscribing the Algiz Rune symbol onto a blue candle during Spell casting for protection, prosperity and abundant opportunities is a great way to increase the Spells likely manifestation.

Algiz Rune Correspondences

The Algiz Rune corresponds with the colour gold, the number 15, the Tarot card of the Moon and the astrological sign of Cancer. The god Heimdall is also associated with the Algiz Rune. The element of Air is contained within the male Algiz Rune.

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