How to be a Witch

Secrets of the Coven Revealed

A fantastic insight into the life and calling of a true White Witch

"How To Be A Witch: Secrets of the Coven Revealed" is real Witch Alizon's Kindle eBook revealing secrets of the Coven.
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The Coven is an Ancient Order, shrouded in mystery, and comprising members from all corners of the globe. It is said that participants gather together loosely in local groups, or practice their art as solitary witches. They all have one thing in common: to follow the Wiccan Rede, to honour Nature and our precious Earth, and wherever they can, promote wellbeing, health and happiness in themselves and others. They aspire to do this through study and Magical Workings...

A Witch uses the power of Nature, subtle combinations of ingredients, ancient astrological predictions and the Moon's mysterious cycle to manipulate the world through Spells, to conjure a life of plenty, power and influence - with harm to none.

How to be a Witch presents a unique insight into Witchcraft and how to practice it, revealing the secrets of the Coven!

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Myths about Witches being ugly crones who put curses on people are dispelled. Secrets of spell casting and the mysteries of the Moon's cycle are revealed, helping you to fashion a life of happiness, prosperity and success.

Become aware of the Universal Laws which govern all our lives, so you can act accordingly and gain an advantage in all areas of your life. Create an altar to promote

Magical workings, learn about the Full Moons to maximise Magical Spell manifestation, and become familiar with the best and most appropriate ingredients and correspondences for Spells and Enchantments.

Effective affirmations and practical meditations are presented for you to enhance your achievement potential. Life as a White Witch is great!

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Do you know what a Witch is?

Do you want to live a magical life, respecting and honouring nature?

Do you want to learn all about the Elements, the power of crystals, the medicinal and magical properties of herbs and plants?

Do you want to learn how to harness the power of the Moon and its different phases, in Spell Work and life improvement?

Do you want to understand, celebrate and respect the seasons of the year?

Do you want to learn the art of Divination and the ability to Cast simple Spells effectively?

Or, do you want to turn your enemies into toads?

This new eBook from real life White White Alizon promises all this (except the toads bit!)

What You Will Learn in Part One:

What it means to be a real Witch, including common myths and misconceptions about Witches and Witchcraft.

Green Witchcraft including details of The Craft, Covens, and how to be a Green Witch in today's Society. 

The Witches' Creed - learn about the rules and principles by which true Witches live their lives.

The Wheel of the Year or the Witches' Calendar so that as a Witch you can attune to the seasons and align your life beneficially to Nature.

The Moon's Magic and how to harmonise and utilise the Moon's phases in Magical Workings.

Keeping a Magical Journal - an invaluable resource for all aspiring Witches, used to contain important information including Spells, Spiritual and Magical Research and other resources.

The Elements so you can develop a connection with the Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, essential to help you develop your psychic, spiritual and magical abilities by harnessing their Power.

Correspondences or Spell ingredients - learning about all the many classifications of animal, mineral and elemental items specific to particular Spell  Casting objectives.

The 7 Secrets or Universal Laws. Learning about the 7 Secrets will help you understand why some people seem you get all the luck, while for others, good fortune and blessings appear to be unattainable.

Meditations and Affirmations. These are powerful tools that Witches can use to help them with goal achievement and passive and active Magic manifestation. You'll learn useful, specific and practical techniques to develop these skills.

The Altar, or special work area for Spell Casting and an area of special spiritual focus for magical and spiritual workings. Learn how to create your own altar, which could be as simple as a plank on two books, to an elaborate and decorated stone edifice, including what to adorn it with for best effect depending on space and resources.

How to cast simple practical Spells, with specific instructions on how to utilize you growing psychic and spiritual abilities. Instructions include preparing your altar, tools, ingredients, and an explanation of the specific rituals required for Spell Casting.

Actual Practical Spells are included that you can cast straight away! The section includes Spells for Prosperity, Banishment, Love Attraction, Commitment, Creative and Business Inspiration.

Also, you will learn how to create, devise and write your own Spells including how to properly research and create new Spells and which Correspondences to use.

The Tarot -  an important tool for Witchcraft. This Section will introduce you to each of the cards in the Deck, and give you the knowledge to enable you to read and interpret the Tarot in any Reading, either for yourself or for others.

PART TWO includes details on the Esbat and Sabbat Full Moons.

This part of the Guide provides details about each of the Esbats and Sabbats. These are Full Moons and knowledge of them will enable you to fashion your Spell Casting for specific purposes on each particular Full Moon.   

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