Dream Dictionary R


Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter R from this Dream Dictionary R page.


The dream meaning of a rabbit or rabbits indicates that you are about to commence on an exciting new adventure. Don't be afraid as the adventure will lead to great success.


The meaning of dreams connected to a railway can indicate a journey – whether physical or spiritual. It can also mean that you need to put distance between yourself and someone who has been causing you heartache.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of rain can indicate a personal relationship troubling you. It can show that your relationship maybe under a dark cloud.


The dream meaning of a rainbow carries a very positive message. It shows that the seven areas of your life – health, family, friendships, love, career, finances and spirituality – are about to work in harmony and provide you with a very fulfilling and satisfying period of your life.


Dreaming about a ram signifies the sexual desire you have for someone. This may be a forbidden desire with someone you perhaps should not be drawn to.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing yourself with a rash suggests that someone or something is causing you irritation and aggravation. You may need to use all your strength to keep your cool and avoid acting rashly.

Red Carpet

To see yourself on a red carpet in a dream suggests that you want your achievements to be recognised and rewarded. Anything you have been working hard to achieve should be showcased by you to get the acknowledgement and accolades you deserve.


The dream meaning of a rhinoceros shows a need to stick to your principles. Do not budge from what you know is right and true. You may need to take an aggressive stance to keep your dignity and reputation intact.


The meaning of dreams connected to a ring relates to a love relationship and reflect the state of that relationship. If the ring is bright, whole and diamond studded it shows the relationship is vibrant and full of passion. If the ring is broken or tarnished, this shows the relationship is in trouble. And if you dream about a lost ring it indicates the relationship is about to end.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of seeing yourself as a ringmaster suggests that you are successfully controlling your life. It shows that you are in command and are well able to manage the different aspects of your life.


Dreaming about a river symbolizes the flow of your life. If the river is raging it can act as warning to slow things down, gain control and find order. If the river is running smoothly it shows that you are heading for success, fulfillment and happiness.


The meaning of dreams connected to a roadblock suggests problems, delays and setbacks to your career path. The promotion you hoped for, the exam you needed to pass or the pay raise you wanted are unlikely to be successful.


The meaning of dreams connected to a robin are usually connected with putting the past behind you, starting afresh and commencing new projects. Seeing a robin in your dreams is considered a lucky omen particular in relation to a new romance.

Rocking Chair

The meanings of dreams connected to a rocking chair are usually considered as a bad omen for elderly family members.

Roller Coaster

In dream interpretation the dream meaning of being on a roller coaster indicates the inconsistent feelings you are having for someone or something. You may be experiencing conflicting feelings and experiencing ups and downs.


In dream interpretation the dream meaning of the herb rosemary relates to memories of lost love and strong emotion. Dreaming about rosemary can often be a premonition that a lost love will re-enter your life.


Dreaming about roses shows that affairs of the heart are taking prominence in your life. It can represent being happily in love and a deepening and strengthening of love bonds. To dream about roses – particularly red roses is a very good omen.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing a ruby means that you may get caught up in a passionate affair. This maybe lust at first sight and may be fleeting and not long lasting.


The meaning of dreams connected to ancient ruins suggests a difficult time ahead regarding close relationships. You may feel that your relationship has been ruined by dishonesty, disloyalty or unfaithfulness and cannot be repaired.

Dreaming about ruins can also indicate a loss of job, demotion or business failure,


Dreaming about playing a roulette wheel symbolizes taking risks that you hope will pay off. You may have to take a chance on someone or something and hope that it turns out for the best.