Dream Dictionary K


Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter K from this Dream Dictionary K page.


The meaning of dreams connected to seeing a kaleidoscope in your dream indicates confusion and lack of direction and is normally associated with career advancement.


To dream about kangaroos signifies a pregnancy, motherhood and nurturing. It can also indicate the birth of an idea that will have far reaching affects.


The dream meaning of karate relates to a need for discipline and order in your life. You may feel that you have been under attack and have lost some control over parts of your life.


To dream about a kennel shows that you are feeling guilty and remorseful about the way you have handled a personal relationship.


To see a boiling kettle in your dreams signifies a critical point in your life. You may have reached a boiling point and cannot continue without clearing the air and blowing off some steam. Be assertive, be direct and mostly be true to yourself.


To dream about a key indicates many opportunities before you. It symbolises that you are ready and willing to take up new opportunities to enhance your life. It can also show that you are at a turning point and about to enter a significant phase in your life.


Looking through a keyhole in a dream shows that someone is keeping secrets from you and you are keen to find out the truth. The sneaking nature of looking through a keyhole also suggests that you may need to turn to underhand means to get to the truth.


Dreaming about a baby goat –a kid –suggests that you are ready to take the first tentative steps on a new journey, new relationship or new project. This maybe a risky gamble but it will pay off for you.


In dream interpretation to dream that you are kidnapped and being held hostage symbolises your fears about commitment, being constrained and having too many responsibilities.


To dream about killing someone shows that you may want to 'kill' aspects of yourself that you are unhappy with. You may be under intense pressure and stress to make changes but are unable or unwilling to make them.


To dream about a killer indicates that you are standing by and hoping that things can improve for you. You will need to take action and ensure that you gain control and are not just a bystander in your own life.


The dream meaning of a king indicates a need to take ownership and rulership of your life. You may have felt things spiralling out of control and need to regain some order. In dream analysis dreaming about a king can also indicate that you are about to come into some wealth from an unexpected source.


Dreaming about a kingfisher signifies a joyous, fruitful and adventurous time ahead for you.


To dream that you are being kissed by a stranger shows that you are unclear about the direction your love life is going in. To dream that you are kissing someone you know symbolises the lack of self love you have for yourself. You may need to take better care of yourself, raise your self esteem and find ways to boost your self confidence.


In dream interpretation to see a kitchen indicates a need for spiritual nourishment. You may be neglecting this side of your life and need the comfort, warmth and contentment in your soul.


Dreaming about a kite suggest that you have underlying ambitions that you need to pay attention to. You do have your feet firmly on the ground but at the same time have an overwhelming urge to stretch yourself and reach some very dizzy heights.


In dream analysis to dream about a kitten or kitten shows that you are being naive or unrealistic with your expectations of others. You may need to toughen up, get wise and place your trust carefully.


In dream analysis to dream about a knife suggests there is something in your life that you want to cut away. You may also feel tied and restrained from the living your life in the way that you want to and need to cut these ties.


Dreaming about a knight in your dream suggests that you are awaiting sweeping changes to make big differences in your life.