Dream Dictionary G


Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter G from this Dream Dictionary G page.


In dream analysis to dream that you are in the midst of a gale indicates obstacles, pitfalls and struggles in front of you related to your finances.


To see yourself winning after gambling usually has the opposite meaning in reality. It can show that you have financial losses ahead of you. Dreaming about gambling acts as a warning not to take risks or gamble in the near future.


The dream meaning of a garden represents your own spiritual growth. You may be exploring ways to expand your knowledge, nourish your soul and find your true path.


Dreaming about a gazelle represents a need to run free and escape from the daily grind.


Dreaming about a giraffe or giraffes can suggest a need to look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on minor details.

In dream analysis dreaming about a giraffe can also mean a need to look at different points of view before making judgments or final decisions.


The dream meaning connected with dreams about a glacier shows that someone is being cool and distant towards you. You may have inadvertently upset them and may need to find out what the problem is.


In dream analysis to dream about gladiolas signifies a joyous, happy and vibrant time ahead of you with many options being offered.


In dream analysis dreaming about drinking glasses can indicate meeting up with friends, catching up on old times and socializing.

Dreaming about reading glasses can suggest you are displaying some aspect of yourself in a very positive light and will be recognized and rewarded for it. It can also mean a dramatic change in your way of thinking after someone has revealed something of an eye opener to you.


The dream meaning of glass suggests a need to look clearly at all the surrounding facts to a situation. What at first seems clear may on further examination be more complex.

In dream analysis dreaming about broken glass can signify setbacks in your career path and a need to reassess the situation.


The dream meaning of gloves means you are in need of protection from someone or something. Malicious gossip, hurtful jibes and critical comments may be directed at you.


The meaning of dreams connected to golf indicate that your longer term plans, aspirations and goals may need to be brought to the fore and some form of action taken to make them a realty.


Dreaming about a goose or geese suggest that you may be feeling broody and your maternal instincts are coming to the fore.


In dream analysis to dream about a gorilla shows that you are sexually desirous of a passionate and strong lover.


To dream that you are graduating form university or college shows that a period of hard work is about to pay off for you. Promotion, awards, recognition or reward await you.


Dreaming about green grass indicates a need for renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. You may need to shake off the old and embrace the new to revitalise aspects of your life that have become boring, staid and run of the mill.


Dreaming about gulls indicates a need to take a wider view of a situation that is troubling you. You may need to take a step back and look at the problem from a different perspective.