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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter N from this Dream Dictionary N page.


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In dream analysis the meaning of the Navy shows a need for discipline and focus in the area of your career. You may feel you are all at sea and things are not as easy sailing as you expected them to be. You may need to focus more attention on your career.


The dream meaning of a needle suggests a need to mend something. You may need to work on repairing damage done in a close relationship.


To dream about a neighbour indicates a need to consider family and home matters.


The dream meaning of a necklace relates to personal relationships. It shows that things are set to improve with strengthened and loving bonds between you and a loved one.


In dream analysis dreaming about a nest suggests a desire to settle down, put down firm roots and secure a future for yourself and those you love.

New Year

The meaning of dreams relating to New Year indicates newness in all things. It shows you are at the beginning of an exciting, prosperous and thrilling phase in your life where new ideas are put into action.


To dream about receiving bad news often indicates quite the opposite and shows that very good news is on the way.


In dream analysis the meaning of a newspaper suggests a secret you want to be kept is about to be revealed.


The meaning of dreams connected to night time show that some area of your life needs to be brought out into the open. You may be hiding talents and need to show them off to the world. Alternatively you may be concealing your true feelings for someone and need to be honest and communicate just how you feel.


The meaning of dreams connected to a nightclub symbolizes a desire for excitement, adventure and a new love affair.


The dream meaning of a notebook shows that you want to put your priorities in order and sort out areas of your life that you have been neglecting.


In dream interpretation dreaming about numbers indicates concerns and worries about money issues. Look carefully at your finances and how you can increase your income and minimise your expenditure.


Dreaming about a nun or nuns shows that your dedication and devotion to others needs to be replicated to yourself. You may be doing too much for others at the expenses of your own needs.


The meaning of dreams connected to a nurse or nurses shows a need for you to take care of your health. It can also highlight unhealthy and destructive relationships that you need to put an end to.

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