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Find out about the meaning of dreams starting with the letter C from this Dream Dictionary C page.


In dream analysis to dream about a cactus suggests a need to defend yourself from critical comments, gossip or mean spirited people.


The dream meaning of a camel or camels is that of wanting to travel, broaden your horizons and experience other cultures.

In dream analysis dreaming about a camel can also mean you are carrying a heavy burden around with you and need to ask for help and support to unburden yourself.


In dream analysis to dream that you are camping indicates that you want to escape from the busy hustle and bustle of hectic daily life. You may need to take time out to recharge your batteries and rest and recover.


In dream analysis to dream about a canary means that you are about to commence a period of study that will enhance your life considerably.


The meaning of dreams connected with canyons suggests that there are large gaps developing in your love relationship. If not addressed the gulf between you will widen and eventually culminate in a break up.


The meanings of dreams connected with a boat capsizing suggest that your life has been turned upside down by an upsetting and unwelcome event.


In dream analysis to dream about a carnival symbolises your reluctance to face up to some home truths. You may have been acting outside of your own moral code and have used underhand methods to manipulate others.


The meaning of dreams connected to carrots relates to deep rooted fears and anxieties connected to social events, public speaking and speech making. A fear of embarrassing yourself, public humiliation and being laughed at are all contained within the dream meaning of carrots.


The meaning of dreams about a cat or cats signifies a need to sort out and clear away any projects or tasks that you have put on the back burner.

Dreaming about cats can also be taken as a warning that you need the help and support of loved ones and cannot be totally independent.


In dream interpretation to dream of a celebration indicates that your worries are behind you as you come to the end of a difficult and challenging phase in your life.


In dream analysis dreaming about chains or being chained up has the obvious connection relating to feelings of being restrained and held back.

The dream meaning of chains can also mean a need to link up with an old friend and reconnect.


According to dream analysis to dream about a chameleon suggests that you are avoiding confrontation. You may need to pluck up the courage to face these fears and confront the issue head on.


In dream analysis to see chickens in your dream suggests that someone is trying to taint your reputation with gossip and innuendo.


Dreaming about a church represents a need to conform and be seen to do the right thing. In your heart you may want to rebel but pressures from external sources are forcing you to conform.


Dreaming of a clock indicates a need for a measured, focused and direct approach to a problem that has been worrying you.

The dream meaning of a clock can also mean that time is running out to accomplish something of importance.


Dreams related to seeing fluffy white clouds shows contentment and success is on the horizon for you. To see dark and gloomy clouds is a bad omen and shows that you are heading for stormy times ahead particularly in relation to your finances.


According to dream analysis to dream that you are at a concert shows that you will be participating in a joyous event. This could be a wedding, the birth of a baby or the receiving of reward and recognition.


In dream interpretation to dream that you are concerned about something or someone shows that an area of your life is causing stress and worry. You will need to identify and examine this area carefully to discover how you can alleviate this stress.


The meaning of dreams relating to crows is considered a bad omen. Dreaming about crows usually foretells problems and difficulties with communication. Missed messages, problems getting in touch with someone or confusion and misunderstanding about a message are all related to dreaming about crows.

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