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1st January 2010

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Dreams & Ghosts

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Unbelievably we are already half way through January. I really don't know where the time goes. It only seems 2 minutes ago since we were celebrating not only the New Year but the rare and special Blue Moon too. I took advantage of this amazing time to capture the rare Blue Moon Energy and Spell infuse some very special Lucky Charm Talismans

I've been having some very vivid and intriguing dreams recently and wondered if you have too. The dream state can be a 'Wakeup call' – pardon the pun – from the subconscious mind to remind you to live the life you deserve. If you are experiencing stress and worries in your waking life, then your dream state will react and can subconsciously produce solutions to your problems. I'd love to hear about some of your dreams and perhaps I or visitors to my site can analyze your dreams and find solutions for you. I am conducting a Dream Study to be published in the future and would love your contributions. It is easy to submit your dream on my site and of course I will personally read each one. Find out more at Dream Experiences

Continuing until the end of this month I have a very special discounted Prosperity Spell that I can personally cast for you on your behalf. This is my Special Offer of the month and can be found here at Special Offer.

The special discount applies to all my Spell casting options of Single Cast, Triple Cast or Full Moon Triple Cast. Please hurry to take advantage of this limited special offer.

You can ask me to single Spell cast for you or have the Spell triple cast over 3 consecutive nights or have me triple cast your Spell on the next full moon January 30th for full potency. The choice is yours.


Are you troubled by a Ghost?

Many people believe that the Earthly plane is inhabited by Spirits - entities who somehow have missed the chance to "pass over" to the other side, and spend their time wandering amidst the living, sometimes haunting, sometimes just making a nuisance of themselves, or just existing in a state of perplexity as to why they are here, with no one being able to see or hear them!

For some reason, some people see, feel and even hear these ghostly spirits.

Are you troubled by a Spirit? Is there someone trying to contact you? Are you pestered by a Poltergeist?

I have started a major new study on Ghost Experiences. If you have a real ghost story to tell, then go to my Ghost Stories Section and learn how to tell me about it - and get it published on the website.

Touble Choosing a Spell Caster?

Want a Spell Cast?

If you want a Spell cast by a professional, experienced Spell caster, it can be hard to choose the right one. I am often asked what to look for, when choosing a Spell caster to cast a Spell for you.

There are a lot of charlatans out there, and so I wrote an article which I hope will help people to choose wisely, and look for the tell tale signs of the scam artist.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

What's New on
Alizon's Psychic Secrets?

More Dreams Please!

Remember, I still want to learn all about your dream experiences.

Go to my special Your Dream Experiences Section to submit details of your own Dreams, which will be published on the website (subject to editorial control).

My major study is well on the way with lots of interesting contributions.

And talking about interesting contributions…

Real Ghost Stories!

There's a brand new Section on the website featuring Real Ghost Stories.

These are real experiences from contributors of their own real experience of the supernatural.

If you think you have a real scary ghost story to tell, go to my brand new Ghost Stories Section to submit it, for inclusion on the website.

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January 2010 Special Offer

Using the special password, provided exclusively for Alizons Psychic Secrets Newsletter Subscribers, you can benefit from heavily discounted services and products direct from Alizon's website.


This month's offer (available all JANUARY) can be found HERE.

Messages & Personal Premonitions

These messages and premonitions are born of insights that come to me about people in the world who are open and free to receive and send their spiritual energy.

Go to my Premonitions Page to learn more. Check them carefully - there might be a message for you.

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Helen, Singapore

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