Terms and Conditions

Psychic Reading Lisitng

As host to your Psychic Reading Listing, I need to ensure both yours and my reputation remain untarnished.

I ask you acknowledge and agree to the following:

You must be aged 18 or over.

You will not promote any Spell casting service.

You will not offer Curse removal services.

You are not an employee, agent or contractor of Alizon's Psychic Secrets.

You are solely responsible for the content provided for your Profile Listing Page.

The content provided for your Profile Listing Page must be original and not copied exactly from elsewhere on the internet.

All Psychic Readings must remain confidential between the client and the Reader. You must never discuss anything pertaining to a Psychic Reading with anyone other than the client. Personal information disclosed during the Psychic Reading will be held in the strictest confidence.

All Psychic Readings will aim to empower the client. You must strive to provide objective, honest, and empathetic Psychic Readings to give hope and empower clients to make decisions. You must not allow any client to become overly dependent on you for advice. You must make it clear to any client that their life is their responsibility and that you are unable to make decisions for them.

All clients must be treated equally with respect and compassion, regardless of age, gender, race, background, spiritual beliefs, sexual preference, or economic status. You must not judge them based on their social status, their choice of lifestyle, the problems they are currently experiencing, or the ways in which they have tried to solve them.

You must not Read for anyone under age 18.

You must be aware of your limitations and understand that many people seek intuitive guidance at times of emotional vulnerability. Your Psychic Readings are no substitute for medical, legal, or therapeutic care, nor any other professional advice for which you are not qualified to give. In such cases, you must urge the client to seek professional guidance.