Energy Clearing Salt

Energy clearing salt is used in a variety of ways. You can of course use sea salt or pink Himalayan salt for energy clearing but I have sourced something that I believe, is far superior.

I use Ancient Elemental salts in my energy clearing rituals of myself, my possessions and my home. I also use this special Ancient Elemental Energy clearing salt in the Energy Clearing Ritual I perform for others.

Ancient Energy Clearing Salt

Ancient Elemental Energy Clearing Salt

These Ancient Elemental salts contain over 80 crucial minerals essential for life. These mineral salts have formed over 200 million years and contain all the elemental energies of earth, fire, water and air. Because of the variety, density and richness contained within Ancient Elemental salts they are perfectly and uniquely suited to energy clearing.

Additionally the Ancient Elemental salts are scented with a magical pure essential fragrant oil blend. This fragrant blend is my special and secret recipe. From the most ancient times fragrant oils have been prized for their power for love, health, peace and prosperity.

The colour of the Ancient Elemental salts are a rich purple amethyst which aligns perfectly with the psychic and spiritual nature of this sacred colour. It is a very powerful, psychic colour and stimulates intuition and imagination. It has always been associated with mysticism and magic. The colour purple is linked with the Crown Chakra. This Chakra ensures you are connected to universal sources of energy. A balanced Crown Chakra allows a person to be in tune with their intuition, receptive to psychic connections and be inspired.

A little goes a long way, so you only need a small amount. 

You will recieive 1 organza silk pouch containing 1 ounce (30g) of purple Ancient Elemental salts.

You can use your Ancient Elemental salts in a variety of ways.

How to use Ancient Energy Clearing Salt

Method 1

To protect yourself from harm and clear away negative energy you will need to use energy clearing salt. Pour some of the contents of the organza silk pouch into a bath or foot bath. Think about your intention to clear any negative energy from you to allow only positive, protective and vibrant energies to surround you.

Soak your body in a warm bath or just your feet in a foot bath for a full 20 minutes. This allows the Ancient Elemental salts to absorb into your body and connects you to the source of positive energy.

Any negative energy will be drawn from your body into the water.

Rinse yourself or your feet in pure clean water and allow the salt water to drain away.

Method 2

Place the organza silk pouch containing the Ancient Elemental salts beneath your bed. This will protect you from harm and promote your connection to the universal sources of positive energy.

Method 3

You can sprinkle small pinches of the Ancient Elemental salts in all corners of your home. This will cleanse and protect your home, the contents of your home and all those who dwell there.

Method 4

Use a little of the energy clearing salt in a small glass spray bottle and fill up with pure water. Shake well. Carry with you to spray around your body when you are in any environment that makes you feel uncomfortable – a dentist or doctor’s office for example.

Method 5

Sprinkle a little of the energy clearing salt in your car and your work place area to clear away negative energy brought from other people.

You can buy at anytime additional Ancient Elemental salts pouches from me if and when needed.

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