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April 1st

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If you cast a Magic Spell, or have one Cast for you by a professional Spell Caster, there are things you can do to help the Spell work better and faster for you.

Only Spells for a positive purpose, with harm to none, are covered by these rules.

First, you need to be aware that most Spells don't work overnight. The worst thing you can do is wake up the morning after your Spell, and think to yourself: It's not worked!

Give it a chance, remain positive.

In the days after the Casting, let positivity pervade your life. Don't expect bad things to happen. Don't EVER say this will never work, or I can't do that

Start to behave as if your spell has already manifest your wish. Use your imagination to "see" you, living in a world where your dreams have come true. Imagination is powerful tool in wish manifestation. Your imagination will create your reality in time. If you can't imagine it - how can it happen?

Expect the unexpected - only positive happy things though!

Be as good as you can. Remember that there is an ancient Universal Law which has been interpreted in modern language to say "what goes around, comes around". But this doesn't just apply to being bad - it applies equally to being good too. Take time every day to help someone and benefit from positive Universal Karmic Influences. You'll be surprised how many good things start happening to you, when you start doing good things for others.

Ask yourself Is this what I really want? If a spell is not working for you, don't give up. But also, take time to ask yourself if what you have wished for is what you really want, and is it in your best interest and other interests of those around you?

Believe! - Faith is the (2nd) strongest power in the Universe (after LOVE of course!)

Rid negativity. If things are going slow for you, you might be subject to negativity in your life in the form of negative thoughts, people, and other influences. This negativity can be real, or imagined. Many people think they are cursed. In most cases this is not true and people just imagine that someone who has said bad things about them have some power over them. An experienced Spell caster will always cast a ritual spell to dispel negativity and the lingering vapours of old spells and bad curses from the past.

As the recipient of any spell, you need to know this, so your subconscious is aware that you are free from the influence of the stale after effects of such bad spells and negativity.

Follow the steps above to help ensure your Spells work.

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Developing your Psychic Sense

What is Intuition?

Intuition is a feeling that gives you the ability to predict events. It can manifest itself in a hunch. The feelings you get about a situation can arise from several stimuli. There may be things that you see with your eyes, imperceptible movements or gestures from people that allow you to predict what they will do. You may hear sounds, so low that you can hardly perceive them, but are some echo from your past that lead you to knowing their source and their meaning. There are smells that evoke memories of past experiences that allow you to predict the present, registered by the subconscious mind but hardly perceptible to the conscious awareness.

There may be subtle movements from a dog that leads you to believe that it will pounce and bite.

There are also invisible things that have a dramatic effect on us.

Gravity affects all things on this world and beyond it, exacting a strong and persistent pressure upon us. The Moon moves whole oceans covering 2/3rds of the world. Our bodies too are 2/3rds water, and we ourselves are influenced by the Moon in obvious, and some not so obvious, ways.

There are waves and energies that pass through and into us every day, unseen, but having a profound influence upon us. All these things contribute to our sense of what is happening and about to happen around us.

And there are energies that we do not understand and scientists cannot explain.

With all the information we receive through our senses, together with our experience, we decide on our actions and reactions to events.

With this information we make decisions about what to expect and how to act and how to respond. We also make decisions about people. Are they good for us, can they be trusted, are we meant to be together.

How will being more psychic help me?

With a highly developed intuition or Psychic Sense, you will be able always to make the right decisions in your life. Decisions about what you want and how to get where you want to be. Decisions about whom in your life will be good for you and who will be bad. You can even avoid danger.

Often our decisions are clouded by influences. Other people influence who we are and what we want. Other people influence our decisions in love, work and in all the important areas of our lives.

You must learn to act on your own and be able to make decisions using your own intuitive gifts. Take advice by all means – none of us are so endowed as to be knowledgeable in all things. But when a choice has to be made, it is we who make it, and it is we who live with the consequences. Accept that and rejoice in that freedom.

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Good Luck!

Messages & Personal Premonitions

These messages and premonitions are born of insights that come to me about people in the world who are open and free to receive and send their spiritual energy.

Sandra A., London, UK.
The person who is in your thoughts will contact you soon, but you should consider helping yourself by casting a Spell

Alison B., Idaho, USA
Things will improve for you next week. Someone wants your help and you should give your time and effort freely to make things easier for those who matter to you.

Dawn L., Maine, USA
You need to spend more time and energy on yourself at the moment. Your giving and caring nature is causing you to neglect your own needs. It's not always best to give all the time.

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