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May 2010

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"Bad Luck" Getting You Down?

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Ancient Magic Talismans
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  • Ancient Magic Talismans for protection and wishes granted
  • Palm Reading- Have your Palm Read by Alizon, an ancient and fascinating Divination.

Many people go through life feeling that they just don't get the breaks that others get. They feel that they are beset with bad luck, or even CURSED!

In the psychology of life, it doesn't really matter whether you are actually cursed or not. The feeling that you are cursed means that you feel unlucky.

And if you feel unlucky you will ALWAYS attract bad luck. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy and is VERY difficult to break this bad luck cycle

The beauty of Magic is that it can help, whether you are actually cursed, believe you are cursed but aren’t - or you just feel unlucky.

Magic gathers and focuses positive forces and influences. You can feel better about prospects almost immediately. You feel positive about your future, and the best effect this new attitude has, is that it will attract good things to you. You will start to see things in a different light. What looked bad, suddenly turns out to be good for you. Just look a little beyond the present and things will show themselves to be good for your happier future.

We often have to go through a dark tunnel to reach light. All you have to do is keep your eye on the twinkling ahead and go for it.

Casting a Spell for protection is a good start for anyone seeking to improve their fortunes. This will repel and destroy negative influences and protect you from real harm. It will help you avoid risks and seek the better Path.

Get a Powerful Protection Spell cast for you within 24 hours

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A talisman is an ancient Spell Infused stone. This powerful magical item can help you achieve specific goals and dreams in your life by attracting positive elements, and repelling and dissolving negativity.

Use it to help you attract love, fame, fortune, good health, and even fertility or any other positive purpose. A talisman is charmed by a Witch to provide power, energy, and specific benefits to its owner.

Such a talisman should be carried in a bag, purse or can be carried in your pocket, A Talisman is a powerful Spell inscribed and unique lucky charm.

How to Activate a Talisman

Every person must bond the Talisman to them. There are various ways to do this. Your energies must blend and bond, so as to create a connection.

Once activated, such an ancient empowered talisman is like finally having the golden key to open doors of opportunity and blessings in your life.

Achieve Desires, Goals and Dreams

Powerful Talismans can be used to attract any positive purpose:

  • Money
  • Love
  • Power
  • Success

A significant and fast acting side-effect of owning a powerful Spell infused Talisman is a growing confidence and assuredness in everything you do. This is you harnessing the powers of the Universe to attract what you want, and to repel what you don’t want.

There'll be no negative ill effects, no bad Spell backfiring. Everything will become easier and achievable with this Power.

Learn more about Talismans



Palm Reading is one of the most famous and popular methods of Divination, or fortune telling. It's up there with Crystal Ball gazing and Tarot Reading. Often referred to as Hand Analysis or Palmistry, this method of fortune telling involves looking at the lines and patterns on a person's palm, and by this analysis, glean information about a person's past, future and present too.

Experienced and gifted Palm Readers don't just look at the lines or creases on the hands, as other aspects of the hand are also significant. The shape and size of the hand and fingers can help the Diviner to illicit details of a person's future and other aspects of their life. Other things she might look at are the "mounts" or bumps at the base of the fingers and thumb, and even finger prints

Having your palm read can help you can foretell challenges in your life, such as in your love relationships. It can reveal exceptional talents, but also health problems, and possible failures. Your Destiny Line is a predictor and indicator of the overall pattern of your life. It shows success, failure, accomplishments, pitfalls, wealth, poverty, highs and lows.

Learn More about Palm Reading on Alizon's Psychic Secrets.


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Messages & Personal Premonitions

These messages and premonitions are born of insights that come to me about people in the world who are open and free to receive and send their spiritual energy.

Helen, Scotland
The person you are thinking of will return to you within 3 months

Mary, Missouri,USA
The next time you are alone together, you should mention what your true dreams are, and you will see a coming together.

Brian, London
Things will resolve themselves soon, as there will be an unexpected windfall which will ease your worries. Live for today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

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