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Virgo Sex

Virgoans are very sensitive and sensuous but can take the act of sex too seriously. The symbol that represents Virgo is that of the virgin – pure, innocent, untouched and rather prim and proper.

If you are a Virgo health and hygiene are very important to you and with your perfectionist and methodical nature making love can be a bit clinical.

You are not known for your spontaneity and impulsiveness so there are seldom any surprises in the bedroom. This does not mean to say you are not a good lover because you are. You like to be perfect at everything and this includes love making. You love to serve others and find great pleasure in giving rather than taking. You will always seek to satisfy a love partner and are skilled at satisfying their needs.

Virgo Love and Relationships

If you are a Virgo lover…

As a Virgo lover you are devoted, loving, loyal and committed. You are the perfect catch for those looking for a permanent relationship. You are not into one night stands or casual sex and will need to become friends with a potential lover first before taking it up a level. You take life very seriously and work hard to get want you want from life and this applies to your relationships too.

As you are ruled by Mercury you are guided by logic and reason and not emotions. Because of this you are not good with overly sensitive and emotional people.

You are a perfectionist and seek the same in a partner.

If you have a Virgo lover…

To keep your Virgo lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to be as close to perfect as you can be. They are the perfectionists of the Zodiac and have high expectations of themselves and of a lover. Always look your best and always do your best and they'll love you forever. Virgoans are very devoted once committed and will not stray.

Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac Virgoans are the most insecure. Because of this you will need to reassure them and support them through any ups and downs in your relationship.

Don't expect grand displays of emotion or romantic gestures from a Virgo lover – it's just not in their nature. Instead of a surprise gift of extravagant perfume or jewellery expect a practical gift that you need rather than you desire.

If you want a Virgo lover…

If you want to attract a Virgo lover you'll need to become firm friends first before becoming lovers. Virgoans are quite cautious and seldom act on impulse. They will want to get to really know you before contemplating a romantic relationship. They are also quite traditional and conservative and will not be attracted to flashy, over the top and exuberant behaviour.

Try wearing something in the colour pink to attract their attention. Pink is the colour of love and is seen as an almost virginal colour which relates well with Virgo the virgin. Seeing you wearing this colour will immediately catch their eye and they will see you as loving and want to get to know you. Virgoans are very sensitive to aromas and do not like artificial fragrances. Try wearing perfumes containing natural and pure essential oils of rose, ylang ylang and neroli to attract a Virgo lover.

Virgo Compatibility

Check the Virgo compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Virgo with Aries Compatibility
Virgo with Aries is a challenging love match. As a fussy and perfectionist Virgo you may have difficulties with the Aries devil-may-care attitude. Your over critical nature may lead Aries to lose their temper too often and too quickly. Aries are hot headed and need to be placated rather than constantly criticised. Their ebullient over the top nature might have you shying away from them. This Virgo-Aries combination can work, only if you are both willing to compromise.

Virgo with Taurus Compatibility
Virgo with Taurus is an excellent astrological love match as you are both from the element of earth. This is a near perfect love match. You connect with each other physically, emotionally and mentally. You both crave security and financial stability and together can work hard to achieve this as you are focused, grounded and not afraid of hard work. You both will work equally hard at making a Virgo-Taurus relationship work.

Virgo with Gemini Compatibility
Virgo with Gemini is not usually an ideal astrological love match, but you are both Mutable Signs and both ruled by Mercury. This gives both of you good communication skills. And as good communication is the key to any successful relationship you can talk out your differences. The major problem between you is likely to be the low boredom threshold of the Gemini. Your ordered and practical world might be just too staid for spontaneous Gemini.

Virgo with Cancer Compatibility
Virgo with Cancer is an excellent astrological love match. This seems to be a match made in the heavens. Although very opposite in many respects you both are thoughtful, caring and loving and can share a very strong and lasting relationship together. As a Virgo you need to soften your approach to dealing with a Cancerians emotions. Cancerians are super sensitive and may need to toughen up to cope with the often overcritical Virgoan. If you can do this you'll be very happy.

Virgo with Leo Compatibility
Virgo with Leo can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. As a Virgo you will need to allow Leo plenty of room to show off and be the centre of attention. Leos not only need to be loved – they need to be adored. And with your desire to serve you can fit the bill perfectly. They, in turn need to accept your need for near perfection and be aware that working behind the scenes is just as important as being centre stage.

Virgo with Virgo Compatibility
Virgo with Virgo is an excellent astrological love match. Being two peas in a pod make you compatible physically, mentally and emotionally. However you both demand perfection and may have difficulties in finding this within each other. If you can both learn that no one is perfect – not even you, you won't go far wrong. While you both demand a lot of each other, you are not afraid of working hard together to make the relationship work.

Virgo with Libra Compatibility
Virgo with Libra can be problematic as Librans are free and easy, whereas Virgoans like order and rigidity. However the friendly outgoing and communicative nature of Libra can lighten and brighten you. They can balance your reserved nature. You, in return can give some order and stability to their lives. Librans are also well able to cope with the constructive criticism you give out as they always strive to have a balanced view.

Virgo with Scorpio Compatibility
Virgo with Scorpio is a very good astrological love match. You both demand much from each other but are both prepared to put in the hard work needed to have a successful relationship together. You are both cautious about revealing your inner secrets and expressing your feelings, so you'll need to find ways of communicating your love for each other. Once committed to each other, you will remain faithful and loyal.

Virgo with Sagittarius Compatibility
Virgo with Sagittarius is a challenging love match. Because Virgo is an earth sign and Sagittarius a fire sign your approach to romance, love and emotions is very different. Virgo is practical and ordered, whereas Sagittarius is the energetic adventurer. But it can work between you if you are prepared to accept each others differences. Sagittarius can add excitement and passion to Virgo. And Virgo can bring practicality and groundedness to Sagittarius.

Virgo with Capricorn Compatibility
Virgo with Capricorn is a very good astrological love match. You are earthy, practical and conventional and have no hidden agenda. What you see, is what you get with both of you. You both crave long term security, stability and material success and together you can make this happen. As a Virgoan you are precise, detailed and clear. Add this to Capricorns focused practical approach to life and you have the almost perfect team to make things really work.

Virgo with Aquarius Compatibility
Virgo with Aquarius is a challenging love match. This is a chalk and cheese pairing. As a Virgo you are focused, specific and pay attention to detail, whereas Aquarians take a wider perspective to life and are always looking at the bigger picture. Aquarians also hate to be criticised and Virgoans are the world's worst critics. You can connect mentally as you both share humanitarian ideals but your approach to life is completely from opposite viewpoints

Virgo with Pisces Compatibility
Virgo with Pisces can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. The differences between you are vast. As a Virgo you are rational, grounded and down to earth and need stability and security, whereas Pisces is sensitive and intuitive and feels emotions deeply. Your approach to life and your personality traits are so different. This Virgo-Pisces pairing can work if you believe that opposites attract.

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