How to make a Virgo Man
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Virgo Men and How to Attract One

To attract a Virgo man can be difficult as they are not the world's best communicators. They seldom express their emotions even to their closest friends or family. They also like their privacy and don't like to reveal too much of themselves to others and because of this they can be difficult to get to know. And get to know, you'll need to do with a Virgo man. They will need to trust you, respect you and admire you as a friend before they could ever fall in love and commence a romantic relationship with you.

Firstly you'll need to become friends with your Virgo man. To do this you'll need to listen to his strong opinions on everything – and agree with them if possible. And even if you strongly disagree, you'll need to bite your tongue as Virgo men do not like to be wrong or criticised or ridiculed.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, or want to be then you'll need to have a thick skin as they are the world's worst critics. They can be picky, choosy and overly critical of everyone and everything but this is only because they seek perfection, order and neatness.

To attract and keep a Virgo man interested enough to fall in love with you you'll need to be incredibly patient, except criticism and be prepared to offer constant reassurance, support and love to the rather insecure Virgo man.

You'll also need to be damn near perfect to attract a Virgo man. You will need to be classy with high standards and morals. You will need to be well turned out at all times and be in vibrant and robust health.

But all the effort in attracting a Virgo man is so worthwhile, as they are the most loving, faithful and devoted of the entire Zodiac.

Tips on how to attract a Virgo Man and have them fall in love with you

If you have your eye on a Virgo man then try these methods to attract them and get them to fall in love with you.

1 Of all men, Virgo men are the most ill at ease when it comes to expressing their feelings. Emotional expressions and exposing inner feelings are alien to the Virgo man. They can appear cold, distant and aloof at first. It is not that they are unfriendly, it's just that they are very private people and often insecure. To attract a Virgo man you will need to gain his firm friendship, trust and respect before he could consider entering into a romantic relationship with you.

2 Wear something in the colour pink to attract a Virgo man. The colour pink is the colour of love and is absolutely irresistible to a Virgo man. Seeing you wearing this colour will immediately catch their eye and they will see you as loving and want to get to know you. Virgo men are very sensitive to aromas and do not like artificial fragrances. Try wearing perfumes containing natural and pure essential oils of rose, ylang ylang and neroli to attract a Virgo man.

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