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Everyone uses chi, and everyone needs chi or “life force” energy. Yogis call it prana or kundalini. Reiki Masters, Minoan Healers, Tai chi and Chi Kung Masters use it for health and well being. Witches and Magis use it to cast magic spells. You can’t see it, but you can witness it’s effects. Everything alive on this planet operates from a certain amount of chi. I also like to call it Cosmic Energy or Universal Energy. Learning to project chi can be a long process. And sometimes you need to produce more chi than you are capable of giving. Chi Generators are machines that offer a great way to work with life force energy. It becomes so easy to cast spells with greater efficiency when using the help of a Chi Generator.

In this article I will give you a shapeshifting spell to work with using a Chi Generator and information on how to obtain one (through me, with free Reiki Attunements along with purchase).

Shapeshifting Spells

In the first century AD, nine virgin priestesses lived on the island of Sena in France. These priestesses could transform themselves into any form of creature they wished. There are many myths of Druids and Druidesses assuming animal form. Modern Druidess, Emma Restall Orr, head of the British Druid Order, uses the power of shapeshifting in spell work.

The Crone Goddess Cerridwen is known to shapeshift. There is a tale of a boy named Gwion who guarded the Cauldron of Inspiration and Wisdom for Cerridwen. He accidently spilled three drops of the brew on his fingers and licked them. Gwion then became blessed with shapeshifting powers. The angry goddess went after the boy. Gwion became a hare and Cerridwen became a hound and chased him. He took the form of a fish and she an otter. Gwion turned into a bird, she a falcon. Finally, he metamorphosed into a grain of corn, but she became a hen and swallowed him up. The story goes that Gwion was reborn into Taliesin a magician because his new mother was a Goddess.

Blackbirds have been linked with the Welsh pagan goddess Rhiannon, because they sang on the tree at the entrance to her realm, the Celtic Otherworld, and acted as doorkeepers. So sweetly did they sing that no one was afraid to enter- unknowingly upon their death or transformation. The purpose of shapeshifting is to learn magical secrets from animals as well as incorporate their spiritual qualities for personal growth and transformation.

Blackbird Spell- Take a picture and/or a feather of a blackbird and place in front of the output terminal of the Chi Generator. Take a strand of you own hair, saliva, or blood and make contact with the picture or feather. Cast a circle of light. Continue by visualizing the blackbird directly in front of you. Imagine that the creature is as large as you are. Focus on the aura or psychic energy field around the creature. Inhale slowly through your nose, drawing the colored light of the aura of the animal into you, and on the out breath through your mouth, pushing your own separate aura boundaries outward so that the two auras merge. As you continue to breathe feel the feathers on top of your skin. Look through the eyes of the blackbird. Notice how your hands and feet begin to transform into bird’s hands. When you are finished with the transformation, thank the black bird, and remove the items from the Chi Generator. This shapeshifting spell is great when done in places where y ou feel fear and you need protection.

This spell can be tailored for any power animal. Learn the magical powers of various animals and when you feel you want to share in their power, conduct a shapeshifting spell. You can write on a small piece of paper the date and time you need this spell performed and place it with the items of the spell in front of the Chi Generator. Like if you have to perform at a concert or public speaking arena in a few weeks the blackbird is very helpful. Mystical animals like the phoenix, dragons, centaurs and unicorns work well in shapeshifting spells as well. Be sure to study your animal friend as thoroughly as possible. Study their habitat, food, movements and personality as well as the magical associations with them, before you conduct a shapeshifting spell. Pay attention to animals that periodically visit you or make eye contact with you.

For information on how to purchase a Chi Generator with free reiki attunements, contact Alizon and she will email me your information. Generators range from $150-$10,000. Blessed Be.


Disclaimer: The law requires me to state that all aspects of psychic, tarot and spell casting services are for entertainment purposes only, and cannot be a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice/care.

You must be at least 21 years old to make any purchase from me.

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