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Scorpio Sex

Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac by far the most notorious sexy, seductive and scintillating lovers are Scorpions.

If you are a Scorpion you already know that you have strong sexual desires and need partners that can satisfy your lustful, passionate and impulsive urges.

You are skilled at love making and take great pleasure in satisfying a love partner. They in turn will need to keep up with you and ensure that you are satisfied too.

Scorpio Love and Relationships

If you are a Scorpio lover…

As a Scorpio lover you are intense, deep and secretive. Your intensity and hidden secrets can be too much for some other Star Signs to cope with. Add to this a tendency to be quick to anger, a jealous streak and moods swinging from high to low it is a wonder anyone can cope with you.

Scorpions normally have many love partners before settling into a committed relationship and even then they are prone to cheating.

You can be incredibly caring, loyal, faithful and devoted to the right partner – but finding them is the problem.

You won't allow a love partner to dominate you and will need to be the strongest and most forceful in the relationship. You need to be boss and won't accept a lesser position.

If you have a Scorpio lover…

To keep your Scorpio lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to give them constant reassurance that you only have eyes for them. Renowned for their jealous and possessive nature Scorpions are very insecure when it comes to love partners. Conversely, although they demand total faithfulness from you they do have a tendency to stray if you don't keep them stimulated and interested.

You will need to keep up with them in the bedroom if you are to keep your Scorpio lover. Scorpios are very demanding sexually and you'll need to satisfy them or they may seek satisfaction elsewhere.

If you want a Scorpio lover…

If you want to attract a Scorpio lover you'll need to display an air of mystery. You'll need to stimulate their curiosity by appearing mysterious and enigmatic. Scorpions are very curious and if they feel you have some intriguing secrets they'll find you irresistible.

Scorpions are very seductive so you won't need to seduce them. Allow them to seduce you.

Try wearing something in the colour dark blue to attract their attention. Blue is the colour of communication and is very attractive to the Scorpion. Seeing you wearing this colour will immediately catch their eye and they will want to know what you have to say.

Scorpions are very sensitive to aromas and are stimulated by fragrances containing seductive and sexy scents such as jasmine, ylang ylang and rose.

Scorpio Compatibility

Check the Scorpio compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Scorpio with Aries Compatibility
Scorpio with Aries can be a good astrological match. As a Scorpio you are famously sexy, secretive and seductive. So an Aries lover may be seduced and beguiled by you. They will find you intriguing and a challenge and Arians cannot resist a challenge. You will admire their passionate and lustful nature. You are both competitive in your own ways and want to be take the lead in the relationship. This can lead to problems long term.

Scorpio with Taurus Compatibility
Scorpio with Taurus can work but you both need to accept each other's differences You are completely opposites in the Zodiac but find that you are magnetically attracted to each other. This really is a case of opposites attracting. You as a Scorpion will be attracted to the strong, brooding passion of a Taurean. They in turn will be intrigued by your sexual attractiveness. You both have a tendency to be stubborn so this may become an issue.

Scorpio with Gemini Compatibility
Scorpio with Gemini is not usually an ideal astrological love match. The intense nature of a Scorpion does not fit well with the light hearted Gemini. You are both skilled communicators but your styles are so different. You as a Scorpion like deep, intense, meaningful and focused interactions, whereas flighty Gemini prefers bright and breezy conversations on a very wide and varied range of topics. This Scorpio – Gemini love match can work out if you can accept each other's differences.

Scorpio with Cancer Compatibility
Scorpio with Cancer can be a good astrological love match. You are instantly attracted to each other and both come from the same element of water. You as a Scorpio will feel comfortable with a Cancerian. But they mustn't expect to feel comforted by you. Cancerians share with you the personality trait of being sensitive but are much more emotionally needy than you. A Scorpio – Cancer pairing can be a little one sided with the Cancerian doing what they do best – giving. If they are happy to do this, then the love match will work.

Scorpio with Leo Compatibility
Scorpio with Leo can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. You are both very strong willed and sometimes stubbornly inflexible and find it difficult to see the others point of view. You also both demand not just love but respect in any relationship. If this respect is lost, your relationship is doomed to failure. Leos are open, warm and gregarious, whereas you as a Scorpio are cool, deep and secretive. This Scorpio – Leo paring may prove too challenging for both of you.

Scorpio with Virgo Compatibility
Scorpio with Virgo is a very good astrological love match. You both demand much from each other but are both prepared to put in the hard work needed to have a successful relationship together. You are both cautious about revealing your inner secrets and expressing your feelings, so you'll need to find ways of communicating your love for each other. Once committed to each other, you will remain faithful and loyal.

Scorpio with Libra Compatibility
Scorpio with Libra can work but you both need to accept each other's differences You are both sensual and will enjoy each other sexually but other than this there could be problems. Emotionally you are on separate planets. Librans are open, free and easy and don't like the thought of being tied down. As a Scorpion you can be secretive, possessive and demanding. This Scorpio - Libra pairing can prove too challenging for some.

Scorpio with Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio with Scorpio is an extremely good match as you both are so similar in your characteristic and personality traits. And because you are both from the element of water you won't be afraid of expressing your love for each other. The only problem with a Scorpio – Scorpio pairing will be your secretive natures. This can lead to problems if you cannot share your secrets with your partner.

Scorpio with Sagittarius Compatibility
Scorpio with Sagittarius can be very good astrological love match if you can learn to understand where the other is coming from. You both are passionate, optimistic and not afraid of risk taking. But you both have very different styles and approaches to life. For you as a sometimes shy and secretive Scorpion, the openness, boldness, daring and often blunt style of the Sagittarian maybe too overpowering for you

Scorpio with Capricorn Compatibility
Scorpio with Capricorn is a very good astrological love match. They are intrigued by you as a scintillating, sexy Scorpion and you see them as a challenge, so this love match can really work. Both of you are not afraid of hard work to get what you want from life and this applies to working hard at a love relationship. As a Scorpio you are very expressive sexually and will add passion to the reserved nature of the Capricorn. They will connect well with your deep nature.

Scorpio with Aquarius Compatibility
Scorpio with Aquarius is not usually an ideal astrological love match. You both hold strong opinions and may see more conflicts than agreements in your views to life. As a Scorpion you are very emotional and allow your heart to rule your head. Aquarians, on the other hand strive for a head and heart balance. You can make this difficult match work only if you openly communicate and find compromises. You'll really need to learn to understand each other.

Scorpio with Pisces Compatibility
Scorpio with Pisces is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! Both of you share the deep emotions that come from being born from the element of water. You are powerfully bonded to each other, almost immediately and will never shy away from expressing the feelings you have for each other. You are both wonderfully loyal, once committed, and will have a loving and lasting relationship together.

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