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Sagittarius Sex

As a sexy Sagittarius lover you seek adventurous, spontaneous and stimulating sex.

You are a born thrill seeker and nothing seems too wild or too adventurous for you. This includes sex. You become bored very easily and any routine stifles you. You are constantly seeking new, stimulating and exciting experiences.

Although as a Sagittarius from the fire element, you are not particularly fiery in your approach to sex – more smouldering, seductive and scintillating.

Sagittarius Love and Relationships

If you are a Sagittarius lover…

As a Sagittarius lover you are skilled, generous and thoughtful in your love making. You desire to satisfy completely and can fulfil needs and desires brilliantly. You are extremely attentive and love to pamper a sexual partner.

As a Sagittarian you love your freedom and cannot be chained down. You also get bored very easily so a love partner will need to learn to be flexible, spontaneous and adaptable.

You are by nature straight talking, honest and truthful and expect the same from a lover.

If you have a Sagittarius lover…

To keep your Sagittarius lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to ensure your partnership is based on equality. The Sagittarian likes to receive the same level of attention as they give out. They know how to be giving and generous but expect the same in return. If this balance of giving and taking is not met, then the Sagittarian lover will soon lose interest and move on.

Sagittarians do not relate well to emotional, clingy or needy partners and prefer their partners to be relatively independent. They also can sometimes appear insensitive and will fail to remember birthdays or anniversaries unless constantly reminded.

Some Star Signs cannot relate well to Sagittarians as they cannot cope with their impulsiveness and spontaneous personalities.

If you want a Sagittarius lover…

If you want to attract a Sagittarius lover you'll need to become a friend first, get to know the Sagittarius, then start to flirt, flirt and flirt some more.

Suggest dates that involve excitement, adventure and the great outdoors and you'll soon have the Sagittarian hooked.

Expect things to move slowly as the journey is more important to the Sagittarian then the destination. Sagittarians find it very difficult to commit to a serious relationship, so if you come on too strong, too soon, they are likely to run a mile.

Try wearing something in the colour orange to attract their attention. Orange is a very adventurous and social colour and is very attracting to a Sagittarius. Seeing you wearing this colour will immediately catch their eye and they will see you as adventurous and want to get to know you.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Check the Sagittarius compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Sagittarius with Aries Compatibility
Sagittarius with Aries is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! You are both from the element of fire and already share many characterises. You are instantly attracted to each other's energy, enthusiasm and lust for life. You can enjoy great times together and sex should be exiting, passionate and red hot! The Sagittarius – Aries pairing can lead to secure, committed long-term relationships.

Sagittarius with Taurus Compatibility
Sagittarius with Taurus can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. You really are quite different personality types and do not share a lot in common. You love freedom and are independent and spontaneous, whereas Taurus prefers order, security and stability. You are very adaptable and changeable whereas Taurus can be stuck in their ways. Their practical view on life is not so appealing to your adventurous spirit.

Sagittarius with Gemini Compatibility
Sagittarius with Gemini is not a match made in heaven although with compromise by both parties it can work. You both have many differences to your personalities but also some strong similarities. You are both mutable Star signs which mean you can adapt and change and if you can share and enhance your similarities and agree to disagree about your differences this Sagittarius – Gemini paring can work.

Sagittarius with Cancer Compatibility
Sagittarius with Cancer is a challenging love match. Although a Cancerian will be attracted to your confident, honest and up front style, your bluntness and insensitivity may wound their sensitive soul too much, too often. You'll adore the love and attention they lavish upon you. But if you are to make this Sagittarius – Cancer pairing work you will need to learn the art of diplomacy and they would need to develop a much thicker skin.

Sagittarius with Leo Compatibility
Sagittarius with Leo is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! You are both from the element of fire and as such share a lot of things in common. You both live life to the fullest and enjoy adventure, excitement and spontaneity. There will never be a dull moment in this relationship. You are instantly attracted to each other's passion and enthusiastic natures and if this continues you can thrive in a long term relationship together.

Sagittarius with Virgo Compatibility
Sagittarius with Virgo is a challenging love match. Because Virgo is an earth sign and Sagittarius a fire sign your approach to romance, love and emotions is very different. Virgo is practical and ordered, whereas you, Sagittarius are the energetic adventurer. But it can work between you if you are prepared to accept each other's differences. Sagittarius can add excitement and passion to Virgo. And Virgo can bring practicality and groundedness to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius with Libra Compatibility
Sagittarius with Libra is a very good astrological love match. You will instantly feel at ease in each other's company. You both love life, social interaction and are very flexible and adaptable in your thinking. You both also have an adventurous and explorative spirit and need to constantly be stimulated by exciting and new experiences. But you will need to get the brashness of Sagittarius and gentility of Libra balance right in this relationship.

Sagittarius with Scorpio Compatibility
Sagittarius with Scorpio can be very good astrological love match if you can learn to understand where the other is coming from. You both are passionate, optimistic and not afraid of risk taking. But you both have very different styles and approaches to life. For you as a Sagittarian, your openness, boldness, daring and often blunt style maybe too overpowering for the sometimes shy and secretive Scorpion.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius Compatibility
Sagittarius with Sagittarius is an excellent astrological love match. As you two are very similar in your personality traits and are not afraid to be open and frank this Sagittarius - Sagittarius pairing can really work. As honest communication is key to any relationship you should have no real problems. As you both like to be the pioneering adventurer the only obstacle to overcome for you both is who will lead and who will follow.

Sagittarius with Capricorn Compatibility
Sagittarius with Capricorn can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. This may be a case of opposites attract as Capricorn are normally shy, reserved and restrained and you as a Sagittarius are just the opposite. You are outgoing, extrovert and somewhat flamboyant. But if you can accept that you are poles apart and love each other because of your differences rather than despite then you will be very happy together.

Sagittarius with Aquarius Compatibility
Sagittarius with Aquarius is an excellent astrological love match. You both share a love of excitement, adventure and socialising. Aquarians are instantly attracted to you Sagittarius because of your enthusiasm and self confidence. They aren't afraid to show their feelings and express themselves. You find this very appealing. They'll love you for your spontaneity, quick wit and eclectic tastes. A Sagittarius – Aquarius astrological love relationship will always be filled with fun, laughter and excitement.

Sagittarius with Pisces Compatibility
Sagittarius with Pisces is not usually an ideal astrological love match. You are complete opposites in most respects and do not share many similar personality traits. Your adventurous and blunt personality is so different to that of the introspective and sensitive nature of the Piscean. The only way this Sagittarius- Pisces paring can work is if you both understand and respect the others point of view and perspective on life.

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