Psychic Predictions

I, like many Psychics have looked forward to Psychic Predictions for 2013. But I have chosen to focus on personal events that may affect you, rather than world predictions for 2013.

Yes, the world predictions for 2013 such as the world economic crisis, political unrest and upheaval, environmental issues, food shortages, terrorist attacks, multiple wars, earthquakes, fires, floods and other extreme weather conditions will doubtless occur. These and other events will be featured among the most popular psychic predictions for 2013.

World predictions and psychic predictions for 2013 will also include celebrity predictions about Tom Cruise, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney or even sex scandals involving prominent and influential politicians.

But what about you? What is going to happen to you and those you love in 2013?

Some of the world events I’ve just mentioned may have an effect on you personally, while others won’t.

I know, as last year in 2012, many of you will be feeling anxious and uneasy about what’s coming up for you this year. There is so much negative energy around and you may feel you are at risk of financial instability, ill health, heartbreak and loss.

The element of earth will have a major influence on the world this year. If you are from the element of earth – Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus or love someone deeply from the earth star signs then you need to take care. this year. Take great care, particularly during the Winter months if you are involved in rock climbing, mountaineering or trekking. And if you live in earthquake zones then take all necessary precautions for your safety and well being.

Hold onto your precious metal objects this year – platinum, gold or silver. There may be pressure to sell your items but try to avoid this. Precious metals will not only increase in value over the year but because they are of the earth will keep you protected and safe.

Protection from Harm in 2013

If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable then you can easily get yourself protected. This can make you safe and secure, for yourself and those you love. I have a Protection Spell that can help with this.

The element of earth is of course grounding, stabilizing and strengthening but it can also be unpredictable, unstable and unsettled. This will mean more land slides, more volcanoes, stronger and more frequent earthquakes and freak weather patterns. But the element of earth also affects people on personal and practical levels.

Emotional Happiness in 2013

The earth element prompts people to take a practical and realistic view when it comes to affairs of the heart. You may be feeling very uncertain as to which choice you should make for your true happiness. You may be experiencing feelings of being unfulfilled, unloved and underappreciated. You may be fearing loss or not finding true happiness.

The early months of 2013 is the perfect time to evaluate your circumstances and determine where you want to go from here. Change often challenges your sense of balance, security, and stability. So you may feel apprehensive about the future. But you needn’t if you look to the power of Magic to help you. I have a wide range and variety of Love Spells to suit any and all situations – no matter how complicated.

Financial Security for 2013

The earth element is connected with practical, material and financial matters. Money worries will again affect a lot of people, organisations and governments this year. For some money will flow quite easily and especially by the end of the year.

A Money Spell can make life so much easier and can even make that dream you’ve been having come true.

Protect and Enhance Your Future - Now!

Readings are effective ways of having your future predicted. However, a Reading that can only give a likely outcome to a given situation. Spells have the power to change your Destiny, and help protect and enhance your future happiness.

  • Worried about ever finding love in the future?
  • Worried if you and your partner will be together next year?
  • Worried about the global economic downturn?
  • Worried about your job?
  • Worried about your finances?

If you are looking to have your future predicted, you should seriously think about having a Spell cast for you instead, especially as we approach this spiritually significant time, which will affect everybody on Earth.

A Spell, by its very nature, can change your future destiny amazingly. A Reading, or Prediction, can only give you the likely outcome of a future. This is not a future set in stone. However, such predictions inevitably send people careering into what they believe is their pre-ordained destiny.

YOU Take Control of Your Destiny

Don't waste time clarifying whether your ex lover will return to you or not, or whether you have a future together.

Instead, seriously consider having a Return Lover Spell cast for you, making the need for Psychic Readings or future predictions unnecessary.

Similarly, if you are worried about your finances, rather than have a Reading to clarify the situation you could have a Money Spell instead, bringing wealth and success to you.

Are you afraid that you will NEVER find love?

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I can't influence the great powers of the world, nor can I challenge nature. But for individuals, I am experienced and skilled at providing wishes and dreams for all those who believe in a brighter future for themselves.


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