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Pisces Sex

Pisceans are the dreamiest romantics of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac. If you are a Piscean you'll know that sex without romance and emotion is unthinkable.

You are incredibly shy and sensitive so you will need to really trust a love partner before agreeing to sex. You don't go in for one night stands and casual sex. To you sex is a meaningful, emotional almost spiritual event.

You enjoy fantasies and like to play them out with love partners and as you have a burning desire to please you ensure you always totally satisfy them.

Pisces Love and Relationships

If you are a Pisces lover…

You are a great listener so potential partners will feel comfortable with you right from the start. If they feel you understand them, and you will, they'll be happy in your company. Because you have such high degrees of sensitivity and psychic ability you have the uncanny knack of connecting to people immediately and you can sense their feelings.

Your romantic, generous and selfless nature compels you to want to make a love partners dreams come true. You will give of your time and energy freely and expect little in return. You are a natural giver and you gain pleasure in giving rather than receiving.

If you have a Pisces lover…

To keep your Pisces lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to be sensitive to their emotions and feelings. Everything you do and say is deeply felt by a Pisces Lover, so you might have to walk on eggshells if you have a difference of opinion.

Pisceans love the idea of romance so you will need to add a romantic element to your relationship as often as you can. Surprise candlelit dinners, romantic breaks away and gifts of flowers will be truly appreciated by a Piscean lover.

They have a desperate desire to please and will do everything within their power to make you happy and content.

If you want a Pisces lover…

If you want to attract a Pisces lover you'll need to get past heir shyness. You'll need to do most of the running because if left to their own devices Pisceans won't make the first move. Try wearing something in the colour purple to attract their attention. Purple is the colour of the psychic and they find this colour irresistible. Seeing you wearing this colour will immediately catch their eye and they will want connect to you psychically.

Pisceans are very sensitive to all the senses so stimulate them by inviting them to dinner at your home. Cook a variety of foods that will scintillate their taste buds. Make sure the music you play in the background is soft, ethereal and almost angelic to please their sense of hearing. Enya is perfect! Wear something in purple that will appeal to their sense of sight and make sure it is a soft and silky material that they'll want to touch. And finally wear perfume that contains seductive ylang ylang and all their senses will be stimulated.

Pisces Compatibility

Check the Pisces compatibility in sex, love and relationships below.

Pisces with Aries Compatibility
Pisces with Aries can be a challenging astrological love match. The cool, sometimes cold water element that affects you as a Piscean can extinguish the hot flames of the fiery Star sign of Aries. As a Piscean you are emotional, sensitive and mysterious that Aries cannot really relate to with their openness and up front attitude. An Aries lover is likely to perplex you and you in turn will infuriate them. Aries cannot relate to and share your deep emotions.

Pisces with Taurus Compatibility
Pisces with Taurus is an excellent astrological love match. You will be instantly attracted to each other. They will be intrigued and mystified by you and you will secure and grounded with them. You see the world differently to Taurus but these differences will enhance both of you. You see the world in many shades of wondrous colour and Taureans are strictly black and white. But both of you love stability and security and will succeed in a long term relationship.

Pisces with Gemini Compatibility
Pisces with Gemini is a challenging love match. You are emotionally sensitive, whereas Gemini can often come across as uncaring and brash. What you do have in common with each other is that you both have two opposing sides to your personalities. Pisces can be kind and caring and then other times selfish and cutting. Geminis have one side that is spontaneous, the other rigid. So you'd both have to display your good sides for this pairing to work.

Pisces with Cancer Compatibility
Pisces with Cancer is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! As you are both from the element of water you already have so much in common. You share great emotional compatibility and can connect with each other instinctively. You’ll also share spiritual awareness with each other. And as both of you have strong psychic abilities; you'll be able to read each other's minds. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually you're a perfect match.

Pisces with Leo Compatibility
Pisces with Leo can work but you both need to accept each other's differences As a Pisces you are shy, reserved and introspective. Leo are just the opposite being assertive, extroverted and flamboyant. As a bit of a dreamer you seek spiritual answers to your existence and purpose, whereas a strong willed and dynamic Leo needs to taking action to get things done. Opposites can attract and both of you could give each other a different perspective to make the relationship succeed.

Pisces with Virgo Compatibility
Pisces with Virgo can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. The differences between you are vast. As a Pisces you are sensitive and intuitive and feel emotions deeply, whereas Virgo is rational, grounded and down to earth and need stability and security. Your approach to life and your personality traits are so different. This Pisces - Virgo pairing can work if you believe that opposites attract.

Pisces with Libra Compatibility
Pisces with Libra can either be a match made in heaven or one that is doomed to failure. You will either find a strong emotional bond together or just simply confuse each other. You will either instantly 'get' each other or you never will. You love your alone time when you can do most of your imaginative dreaming, whereas Libra never likes to be alone and constantly needs social interaction. This difference could prove to challenging for both of you.

Pisces with Scorpio Compatibility
Pisces with Scorpio is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! Both of you share the deep emotions that come from being born from the element of water. You are powerfully bonded to each other, almost immediately and will never shy away from expressing the feelings you have for each other. You are both wonderfully loyal, once committed, and will have a loving and lasting relationship together.

Pisces with Sagittarius Compatibility
Pisces with Sagittarius is not usually an ideal astrological love match. You are complete opposites in most respects and do not share many similar personality traits. Your introspective and sensitive nature is so different to the adventurous and blunt personality of Sagittarius. The only way this Pisces –Sagittarius paring can work is if you both understand and respect the others point of view and perspective on life.

Pisces with Capricorn Compatibility
Pisces with Capricorn can be a good astrological love match. You are both very different but this can be appealing. You are loving, giving and self sacrificing so would your Capricorn lover with affection. Your dreamy emotions could do with a bit of your down to earth reality given by Capricorn and you in return could offer a dose of imagination and intuition. You are ruled by your heart, whereas Capricorns are ruled by their heads. If you can work together to combine the two you'd make a perfect pair.

Pisces with Aquarius Compatibility
Pisces with Aquarius can be an extremely difficult astrological love match. This paring is normally found in secretive affairs. Because of status, cultural, age or religious differences this relationship may need to be clandestine. The secretive nature is enthralling at first but can be very wearing long term. If you both have the staying power to maintain the relationship until you can go public then this relationship can last a lifetime.

Pisces with Pisces Compatibility
Pisces with Pisces is an excellent astrological love match as you are so similar. You are both very psychic and can connect with each other's emotions, moods and sensitivities easily. You are both committed to achieving a loving and lasting relationship together and your selfless and self sacrificing nature will ensure that you give each other unconditional love. A Pisces - Pisces love match makes for an almost perfect relationship.

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