A List of Magical Potions

Written by Luci Johnson

Most of the Magical potions listed in this article are for ingestion. You can also use these formulas externally as well, in baths, diffusers, spray bottles or whatever your heart's desire. To make Magical Potions all herbs are to be mixed with water, vodka, brandy, wine or vinegar and kept in a cool dry place for up to three weeks or until the formula looks ready. Use a coffee press to strain the herbs away from the liquid. And store in refrigerator until use.

For a quick fix, boil the herbs with water, strain and bottle, being sure to add vodka, brandy or red wine to one third of the bottle before refrigerating.

1. Maat Magical Potion:

Ggalangal, marigold flowers, plantain leaf, glycerine and honey.

Drink before seeing a judge and going to court to magically succeed in legal battles.

2. Kundalini Magical Potion

Astragalus and peony root, red wine.

Drink to stimulate the arousal of kundalini energies. Brings enlightenment, inner balance and understanding of the Divine Mother and Father.

3. Isis Magical Potion:

Orrisroot, frankincense and myrrh, honey wine.

Drink to invoke Isis during full moon rituals.

4. Hecate Magical Potion

Lavender, rosemary, brandy or vodka. Used for banishing negativity during the dark moon.

5. Durga’s demon killing Magical Potion:

Angelica root, lotus seeds, coriander, spring water.

To rid oneself, one’s house or creative goals from evil spirits.

6. Lakshmi Magical Potion:

Basil leaf, lotus seeds, jasmine flowers, brandy or vodka.

Use to attract wealth, beauty and social status.

7. Krishna Magical Potion:

Sandalwood, lotus seeds, ashwagandha root, brandy or vodka.

This potion will balance an over active or under active ego. Pride becomes humility. Low self-esteem transforms into a healthy sense of self worth through accomplishment.

8. Perun Water aka Elijah Water

In Russia, Perun is a thunder spirit. His feast days are July 20th and July 30th, known as “thunder days.” Rain falling on those days have magical power. Bottle it and use for protection against the Evil Eye, malevolent magic, and serious illness.

9. Athena Magical Potion:

Olive leaf, olive juice, Greek red wine. Drink to inspire wisdom, sound mind and strength of character.

10. Florida Water

Can be used for body perfume, cleansings and floorwash, for external use only.

2 cups of vodka
Two tablespoons of rose water, hydrosol or orange blossom water or hydrosol
16 drops of essential oil of bergamot, or an Earl grey tea bag (contains bergamot)
12 drops of essential oil or lavender, or dried lavender herb wrapped in cheesecloth
6 drops of essential oil of may chang
3 drops of essential oil of rosemary, or dried rosemary wrapped in cheesecloth
2 drops of essential oil of jasmine
2 drops of rose attar

11. Four Thieves Vinegar

For illness banishing spells, and commanding spells.

You need red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Traditionally, each thief contributed one ingredient. Choose one of the following to represent each thief; Garlic, cayenne, coriander, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, thyme, or wormwood. Allow this to sit for four days, shaking once daily before using.

12. Ghost Water

Place a bottle of spring water on a grave at midnight, during a dark moon. Remove the bottle before daybreak. Ghost water is used for talking to the dead.

13. Glory Water

Orange blossom water or neroli hydrosol, essential oil of frankincence, essential oil of bergamot.

Used for spells to bring you glory, success, good fortune and honors.

14. Holy or Blessed Water

Can use rain water collected after the appearance of a rainbow, ocean water collected from a beach, water from a waterfall or any place you consider sacred and special. Add a pinch of sea salt, preferably dead sea salt form Israel. Keep in a special jar. Recite your favorite blessing or prayer over the water and keep in a cool, dry place.

15. Marie Laveau Magical Potion

Tthe Queen of New Orleans voodoo, Marie Laveau, one of my favorite witches. She was instrumental in establishing a beautiful tradition and making it widely known to westerners.

One cup rainwater
One cup spring water
One cup rose water
One cup Holy water
One cup lavender hydrosol

Marie Laveau water is used for psychic enhancement, protection, aura cleansing, and general cleansing spells.

16. Notre Dame Water

Holy water, white rosewater, violet hydrosol.

Good for spells invoking goddesses, Yemaya, and Oya, happy home spells, cleansing spells, spells to summon spirits, and uncrossing/hex-breaking.

17. Peace Water

Designed to bring serenity to a troubled house hold. The formula is a mixture of oil and water. The blue water is Notre Dame water with blue food coloring added to it. And the oil can be any base oil of your choosing. Add half blue holy water and half oil to a clear bottle. To use, shake the bottle so the layers disperse. They should return to their positions once the bottle is at rest. Burn peace water in a special diffuser.

18. Pollution Water

Grind ashes, salt, coriander and red pepper to fine powder. Add the powder to spring water. Used for banishing unwanted people and/or spirits.

19. Rose of Jericho Water

A Mexican plant that when added to water, opens up. And when dried the plant closes back to its original position. Place the rose of Jericho in a bowl of water. Say sacred prayers over it. Wait for the rose to unfold which can open overnight or take up to three days. Change the water weekly, reserving the old water for magical use. Can be used for cleansings, house blessings, and spell reversals and to repel malevolent magic.

20. Seven Sister’s Water

Tthis formula can only be made by women. It is used to repel disease. The seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar is devoted to the Weaving Lady and her sisters. At, Midnight, following a day spent honoring the Weaving Lady, living water is drawn from a stream. Fill a bottle and seal it with wax. Then, burn gifts of paper ornaments for the seven sisters, the star maidens, the Pleiades. Or are also the seven daughters of the Jade Emperor.

21. Spirit Water

Add one tablespoon of anisette to a glass of spring water. Place it on the altar to call in ancestral spirits, to perform séances or other necromantic spells.

22. War Water or Water of Mars

Place iron nails, sulphur and your urine in a mason jar, add enough water to cover the nails. Leave undisturbed until rust forms, the jar should be opened periodically to encourage oxidation. Strain water and use as needed. Used to gain protection, send a curse back to where it came from and as a weapon against psychic warfare. Place the names of those who are trying to hurt you inside a jar of war water, petition Archangel Michael to serve and protect you, then take the jar to a river or canal and throw the contents into the water.

23. Chasing the Dragon Magical Potion

Skullcap, ginger, peppermint, life everlasting, cinnamon, oats straw, and glycerine, vodka or brandy.

This formula is for healing addictions.

24. Angel Water a.k.a. Water of Venus

Myrtle, dried orange blossoms (neroli) and dried rose petals.

Add the flower petals and herbs to spring water in a glass bowl. Lay out in sunlight like you would make sun tea. Use a French press to separate the water from the herbs. Pour in a mason jar and refrigerate. Myrtle-based Angel’s Water was used by Europeans of the British Isles. The Spanish also have a formula which consists of angelica flowers, lavender, rose and trefoil. This potion is used for love, beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Myrtle is sacred to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

25. Bay Rum

Bay laurel, allspice, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Add the dry ingredients to one pint of fine dark Caribbean rum. Shake it and let it sit for a week. Strain out the solid ingredients. Place a small bay leaf in the bottle. This potion is used for healing and cleansing with the fire element, and to enhance divination skills.

26. Caduceus Magical Potion

Ginger, cinnamon, mugwort, vodka.

Caduceus is used for healing energy and removing unwanted blockages in your energy system.

27. Carmelite Water

Dried lemon balm (Melissa), 1 cinnamon stick, 5 cloves, one quarter teaspoon of coriander seeds. Let it steep for 5 minutes in boiling water. Strain and drink.

Paracelsus used this formula for heart ailments. It stimulates fun, happy dreams, cures headache, breaks hexes and is an elixir of longevity.

Tarot Magical Potions

Once you become more familiar with the properties of herbs, and essential oils you can create your own magic potions to satisfy all your living needs. One can even make tarot magicical potions. These are magic potions that correspond with the various cards of the tarot deck. Inspired by, Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin in The Spirit of Herbs: A Guide to the Herbal Tarot. I have listed some herbal magic potions used to create synchronicity with cards of the Major Arcana. Check out my article on Herbal Elixirs and the Minor Arcana, coming soon.

0 The Fool: all types of ginseng and honeywine.
1 The Magician: astragalus, schizandra and aswaganda with red wine.
2 The High Priestess: peony, rose, hibiscus and vodka
3 The Empress: Dong Quai, lovage and vodka
4 The Emperor: Atractylodes, asafetida, cardamom and vodka
5 The High Priest: Sage, mugwort and kosher red wine
6 The Lovers: parsley, marshmallow root, asparagus root, celery seeds and vodka
7 The Chariot: cyperus, poria cocos and brandy
8 Strength: Cayenne, mustard seeds, vodka
9 The Hermit: Liquorice root, red jujube dates, reishi mushroom and brandy
10 The Wheel: slippery elm, irish moss, oak moss, chickweed and vodka
11Justice: plantain, purslane and vodka
12 Hanged man: kelp, bladderwrack, all sea algae and vodka
13 Death: Elderflowers, linden flowers and chrysanthemum with vodka
14 Temperance: Echinacea, chaparral and honeysuckle with red wine
15 The Devil: lobelia, pasqueflower, valerian with honeywine
16 The Tower: garlic, onions, red wine
17 The Star: skullcap, rosemary, lavender, lady’s slipper with vodka
18 The Moon: lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint, catnip and vodka
19 The Sun: angelica, lovage and vodka
20 Judgement: goldenseal, cinchona bark, bayberry and brandy
21 The World: comfrey, asparagus root, and marshmallow root with vodka.

If you can’t figure out which Tarot Magic Potions to use, you can find your special tarot potion by adding up your birthday like this, David Sarkis is 6-25-1975. Add 6+2+5+1+9+7+5= 35, 3+5=8. Strength is 8, so David can create a magic potion that will magically bring him strength and courage to overcome adversities and obstacles. Whichever card you use, meditate on the qualities that special birthday tarot card potion will bring into your life by studying the card’s meaning. I hope this article has been informative and you try some of the magical recipes. Blessed Be.

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