Love Spell Ingredients

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Valentine Love Spell

Love Spell Ingredients

Here are the ingredients I use for a Love Spell. This is, in my opinion the best White Magic Spell for attracting love of all Love Spells.

A White Magic Love Spell cast by me on your behalf is carefully crafted for optimum results. I use a minimum of 21 ingredients for this Spell for love.

The Crystals, wild herbs and other ingredients I use for casting Spells for love are chosen for their potent magical properties and positive energies. All the wild herbs, wild flowers and tree barks are ethically gathered at peak potency and all Crystals are selected for their powerful energies.

All the ingredients I use to formulate your personal Love Spell are gathered, ritually blessed, charged and prepared personally by me during the appropriate Magical Lunar Phases.

The Crystals I use are selected by me for the appropriate energies to correspond with your desire. Before placing upon my Altar I cleansed the Crystals outdoors under the light of a Full Moon to gather full potency. The other ingredients including herbs, wild flowers, barks etc are put together with your specific desire in mind.

For your individual and personal Spell for love I use the following ingredients:


Crystals and Gemstones have been used for healing and magical purposes for thousands of years. They have the ability to soak up and hold onto energies. This makes them the perfect tools for healing and magic workings. I use the following Crystals in a Love Spell;


Amber is known for its magical properties and when placed on an Altar it increases the effectiveness of Magic.


Jet is an excellent absorber of negative energy. It also strengthens a Spell.


Aventurine is connected to the Heart Chakra and can heal suffering caused by heartbreak or heartache.

Rose Quartz

Connected to the Heart Chakra and displaying the colour of love - pink, Rose Quartz is the best Crystal to use in all Love Spells.


The Moonstone is known as the ‘Travelling Stone’ and will allow any Spell to travel to the right recipient.


In the use of Magic certain herbs and plants are prized for the special range of Magical and potent properties. I use the following Herbs in a Love Spell;


The rare and sacred Dittany of Crete is named " eronda" by the locals, which means love for its aphrodisiac properties. It is only found here on the Greek Island of Crete. It was very popular in Minoan Crete and Ancient Greece; it is considered a highly therapeutic plant.

See my sister site for lots more information about the amazing Dittany of Crete


Magically, Basil can be used in all Love Spells but in particular those for binding, ensuring fidelity and gaining commitment.


The Ancients were well acquainted with Rosemary, which had a reputation for strengthening the memory. On this account it became the emblem of fidelity for lovers.


It is said that Thyme is very attracting of a lover.


From the most ancient times fragrant oils have been prized for their power for love, health, peace and prosperity. I use fragrant oils for dressing candles and anointing Altar tools to banish negative energies and attract only positive energies.

I use a blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose, Neroli and Jasmine Oil in a Potent Love Spell. All these individual oils are renowned for their strong connection with the heart and love.


I use candles of the colour Pink in a Love Spell.

Pink is linked with the Heart Chakra, which concerns higher consciousness and love. The colour Pink allows you to be receptive to love, to love generously, empathise and feel compassion.

Blessed Water

I use spring water from the White Mountains, here on the Greek Island of Crete, which I use to infuse tree bark, plants, wild flowers or herbs. Depending on the season and ethical harvesting, I use Jasmine flowers, Rose petals, Orange blossom, Almond blossom, Anemones, Lavender, Honeysuckle and Iris. I also use Eucalyptus leaves, Olive leave and Vines leave. The fragrant blend is then used to bless my Altar and the other ingredients I use in your Spell.

Tarot Card

I use the Tarot cards of the Lovers and the Star in a Love Spell

The Star is positive card promising optimism and hope, wishes coming true and unexpected gifts. In regard to a love relationship the Star Tarot card is an excellent omen.

The Lovers card symbolises a deep love or a powerful drawing together of two people.

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