Leo Sex and Seduction Techniques

If Leo sex mystifies you and you either have, or want to have, a Leo lover and learn some seduction techniques then you need to know that flattery can go a very long way.

Both Leo men and Leo women are very susceptible to all forms of flattery. 

Leos are notoriously forceful and domineering in everything they do and this includes sex. Leo sex will be on their terms – when, where and how will be decided by the bossy Leo.

Both Leo men and Leo women are very sensual and passionate and because they come under the element of fire, sparks can fly during seduction and Leo sex.

Because Leos like to to excel in everything they do and cannot tolerate failure, they are unwilling to experiment too wildly. Anything new, too kinky or not the norm will not suit them.

They need to know that they are the very best at everything and trying something different and failing will be too much for the proud lion to bear. But their tried and tested methods of love making will be the best sex a partner has ever had!

If you have a Leo lover…

To have a Leo lover, any partner needs to be congratulated as they are perhaps the most demanding, high maintenance and flamboyant of all the Star Signs. They just love life and expect all others to love them. They need to be centre stage in any relationship and if they can't then that relationship will fail.

They cannot play the bit part and certainly never could be the understudy as in the other woman/man in a love triangle affair.

To keep your Leo lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to constantly praise them and praise them some more. Leos cannot get enough admiration, applause and flattery.

Keep them happy with surprise gifts of gold jewellery and they'll love you forever. Take them to the theatre, wine and dine them and treat them as royalty and you will have a totally devoted Leo lover.

Allow them to act as dramatically as they wish. Even choosing a pair of shoes in the shoe store is seen as a major dramatic event. Applaud their choice and you'll have the cuddly lion eating out of your hand.

If you want a Leo lover…

If you want to attract a Leo lover and share Leo sex you'll need to use cunning flattery to gain their interest. Tell them they look great, admire their hairstyle (they are always proud of their manes) and allow them to shine in any conversation. Don't forget they are the leading actor of the piece – you have only a bit part.

Try wearing something in the colour gold to attract their attention. Gold is very, very appealing to the Leo lover. Seeing you wearing this colour either in clothing or in jewellery will instantly attract them to you. Perfumes containing neroli are also very attracting to a Leo lover.

Leos play to their strengths and disguise their weakness cunningly in Leo sex games.

A Leo lover believes they are the best – almost perfect. Other mere mortals have difficulty keeping up with their great sense of style, sparkling wit and lustful passion.

Leo Sex Spell Casting

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