Justice Spells and Court Case Spells

Written by Luci Johnson

Having a good lawyer is only half the battle. Incorporate magical elements into your legal problem as well. Whether you're in a custody battle, criminal case or need to battle an unjust parking ticket. Justice spells and court case spells can give you the extra confidence to fight for your rights and win!

Botanicals used in court case Magic include: black poppy seeds, to sow confusion amongst your enemies and adversaries; calendula blossoms, to promote legal victories and slippery elm, to protect against false testimony and accusations. Galangal, aka court case root can be boiled with water and bottled with one-quarter vodka. This makes a potent potion.

Bathe in an infusion of vervain before appearing in court. Allow yourself to air dry. Line a small box with bay leaves and stuff with calendula blossoms. And add one High John the Conqueror root. Fennel seeds ward off police and other law enforcement officials, immigration authorities, tax collectors, etc. Place a handful of fennel seeds inside a small bag. Hang it discreetly in your home, just over the entrance door.

Pour boiling water over cascara sagrada, making a strong infusion. Sprinkle this infusion on the front steps of the courthouse and/or around the buildings perimeter at midnight prior to your court date. Make sure no one sees you or allegedly this spell won’t work. Place a low john root in a bowl and cover it with Holy Water. Let this sit overnight charged by full moon light, and carry the root as a charm to court.

Jury winning spell: asafetida, courtcase root, High John the Conqueror, calendula blossoms, vetiver root. Grind all ingredients into a powder, sprinkle around the jury box or dust on brown, purple, blue or white candles after anointing with oil and before lighting.

Bloodstone can be added to any of the above herbal formulas and then carried as a talisman. Keep the bloodstone in the left hand when carrying it to court. Hematite is also beneficial and protective when kept in a small pouch close to your body.

Justice gods and goddesses

Those Ascended Masters and gods who help with legal and justice issues; Athena, Ida-ten, Forseti, Tyr, Kuan Ti, and Maat…

Athena, Greek warrior goddess of wisdom, household affairs and arts and crafts. She is shown wearing a breastplate, shield, sword and an owl. She encourages humans to use intuitive wisdom rather than anger or violence, to heal arguments. She helps with attaining justice, protection, avoiding and resolving war, writers and writing projects.

Ida-Ten is the Japanese god of law, truth, purity, legal victory, and justice. He helps with winning lawsuits, protection against religious and/or spiritual persecution.

Forseti is the Norse god of justice, fairness, arbitration, and reconciliation. He can be petitioned to resolve arguments and legal matters and finding peace and protection between parties involved.

Tyr is the other Norse god of justice especially when asking for vindication of a wrongdoing.

Kuan Ti is the Chinese warrior god who acts to prevent war. He’s a prophet that predicts the future, and he protects people from lower spirits. He helps falsely accused prisoners, legal matters, and ending war/strife.

Maat, the Egyptian goddess of truth, fairness and justice, and daughter of the sun god Ra, and wife to Thoth. Her symbol is the feather, which she uses with a scale of justice to weigh the guilt or deceit within a newly deceased soul’s heart. She offers protection against deceit and manipulation.

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