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What is an Internet Relationship?

This Internet Relationship page is part of my Relationships series...

People having a relationship online, without actually meeting, or even knowing what the other person looks like, is very common and growing every year.

The Internet is has provided a great opportunity for people who found it difficult to meet others, either because they were shy, or lived a style of life, or in a place where it was hard to meet people.

Chronically shy people found an outlet, because they can meet others with a large degree of anonymity. Indeed, they can even adopt new and different personas to present to the world, if they lack confidence in presenting their true self.

Young people find it easy to meet other people and potential partners. School, college, ample socializing opportunities without responsibilities, all these help the young people to find partners who share similar interest and backgrounds.

However, as you get older, these opportunities recede. The network of people you can meet becomes narrower.

Also, people of a particular age group can benefit from online dating. It is very hard to meet someone of your own age with similar interests, especially when you are a little older and have just come out of a long standing relationship yourself.

Chat rooms, online dating agencies, and social networking sites all provide new opportunities to broaden the network of potential partners, around the world.

Instant messaging, email, and webcams provide the means through which people can "date".

But can people fall in love without having even met?

It seems difficult, but perhaps many convince themselves that they are in love, meet up, and find that they are compatible after all, and there are stories of happy fulfilling relationships, even marriage, borne out of Internet dating.

But that's not always the case.

Getting to know someone and falling in love with them via the Internet cannot come close to an actual face to face meeting between two people.

On the Internet, a person communicates what they want to communicate to another person without the visual aids of body language, facial expression or intonation of the voice.

It's hard to build a full picture without all the fine nuances that are picked up in face-to-face meetings. Often, a fantasy version of what they want to tell you arrives in your inbox. It is up to you to find the reality, literally between the lines they have written.

Take Care with Internet Dating

Care should be taken when entering into an Internet relationship, as you may not be receiving or presenting the whole truth - warts and all. (Even the fact that your Internet partner has a huge, hideous wart on the end of their nose can be disguised or hidden in an online relationship!)

If you're considering an online relationship, or are currently in one, there are a few things you need to look out for. While each situation is unique you need to be sure that your "date" is who they say they are.

There is now evidence that individuals are posing online with false identities. Having established a relationship, they ask for money to "rescue" them from an "emergency". So what are the warning signs and how can you avoid being scammed?

Tell-tale warning signs

People looking to extract money from you might say they'd love to meet up, but have to cash to travel.

They go on about money troubles as soon as things start getting friendly and comfortable.

Those who tell you a lot about themselves, but don't answer specific questions are probably sending out standard emails to hundreds of people.

Top tips to keep safe

  • Choose a well-run, reputable online dating service which will enable you to protect your anonymity.
  • Don't use sexual connotations in your online name or email address as it might attract the wrong people.
  • Don't post personal information.
  • Never give out your bank account details or any other financial information.
  • Don't let anyone pressure you into giving away more information than you want to.
  • Watch out for anyone offering financial advice or asking for charitable contributions.
  • If you feel unsure or threatened by someone's behaviour, stop contact with them immediately.

Things to do

If you are looking for a love relationship that will lead to a committed, trusting, lasting and loyal relationship then Internet dating can work. But as in all things, be careful and accept that a meeting will be needed to drive it on to a meaningful level.

To attract, recognise and reciprocate a real love involves all 5 senses, the most important of which is smell. Just as in the animal kingdom, we can smell the right mate for us. This of course is instinctive and you should ‘sniff’ out any insincere, deceptive and dishonest potential partners when you meet them in person.

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