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Herbs have been used throughout the ages not just for their culinary flavourings. In the use of Magic and Healing certain herbs and plants are prized for the special range of Magical and healing properties.

Herbs were used in potions, incenses and amulets to ward off evil, attract prosperity, and give protection and to heal all manner of illnesses.

In ancient times when herbs were added to foods, they were primarily included for their Magical or medicinal properties, rather than for their flavour.

Much of this Herbal Lore has been forgotten, but fortunately the popularity and rising interest in Wicca and Paganism has meant more people have increased their knowledge on this fascinating subject and are focusing on the gifts that nature has to offer us.

In Magic, herbs, flowers and plants are used for several purposes. Herbs can be used for purification, protection, banishing, divination, evoking and Spell casting.

I use a range of different herbs, tree barks, flowers, plants and wild herbs along with other ingredients in the Spell casting process. All are chosen for their potent magical properties and positive energies and are ethically gathered at peak potency and are selected for their powerful energies.

All the ingredients I use to formulate Spells I cast on your behalf are gathered, ritually blessed, charged and prepared personally by me during the appropriate Magical Lunar Phases.

Dittany of Crete

The rare and sacred Dittany of Crete is named "eronda" by the locals, which means sexual love for its aphrodisiac properties. Dittany of Crete only grows wild on the Greek island of Crete and has long been known as one of the most potent Magic Herbs. 

The magical properties of this herb include an increase in psychic abilities and drawing of love and youthfulness. The Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite herself used Dittany of Crete.


Thyme is used in Healing Rituals and in Spells for good luck and success. It is said women who wear or carry Thyme are irresistible to men, and carrying sprigs in your pocket aids in developing your psychic abilities. 

Burn some Thyme to help boost your courage and confidence when facing challenging situations.

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Lavender is very cleansing, protective and strengthening. It is used in all positive Magic. I tend to use lavender in most of my Spell casting. A handful of dried lavender is wonderful to throw into a ritual bath too. I also adore lavender tea – it is so calming and stress relieving. Just use half a teaspoon of dried lavender, steep in boiling water for 5 minutes, strain and drink. Very soothing!

Rose Buds

These heavily scented wonderful rose buds are simply divine! Roses have been effectively used throughout the ages in love potions and in Love Spells and have long been associated as the symbol of true love. Use in any Love Spell you want to cast but also rose buds are good for increasing psychic ability, healing and general good luck. They are great to throw into a ritual bath and also to make a wonderful perfumed tea that is said to aid psychic awareness. I combine a couple of rose buds with a little lavender and chamomile to make a soothing tea before I Spell cast.


Chamomile is a wonderful floral herb, most commonly used in a soothing and calming tea. It is also excellent to throw a handful of the dried fragrant flowers into a ritual bath. Magically, chamomile is great to use in Spells that involve drawing good luck and good fortune. It is also used to sharpen the mind and intellect and is therefore good for studying and exam success. 


The mint I offer here is a special type of mint that grows wild on the Greek island of Crete. It is almost a cross between spearmint and peppermint. It makes the most wonderful mint tea and is so refreshing. Magically, mint is used in Money Spells and Prosperity Spells. It is also good for gaining confidence, success and the motivation to accomplish.


Herb Magic Thyme. The name Thyme comes from the Greek thymos meaning spirit or smoke. In mythical folklore, Thyme flowers were full of perfume and nectar for the bees, traditionally the messengers of the fairy world. It was believed that the soul of the deceased took up residence in the flowers of the Thyme plant, and that Thyme assured the passage of the deceased into the afterlife. Thyme is used in Healing Rituals and in Spells for good luck and success. It is said women who wear or carry Thyme are irresistible to men, and carrying sprigs in your pocket aids in developing your psychic abilities.


Herb Magic Rosemary. Rosemary was burnt at shrines in Ancient Greece to drive away evil spirits and illnesses. It was believed that a fresh twig beneath your pillow will keep away nightmares, or lay it under your bed for good night’s sleep.

The Ancients were well acquainted with the shrub, which had a reputation for strengthening the memory. On this account it became the emblem of fidelity for lovers. Its magical properties include good luck, purification, protection, love and healing. 

Bay Laurel

Herb Magic Bay Laurel. Ancient Greek mythology relates the tale of the sun god Apollo who pursued the uninterested nymph Daphne. Apollo was relentless until the gods granted her mercy by turning her into a laurel, or bay tree. The Greeks still refer to the tree that bears the bay leaf as Daphne. Apollo's priestess and Oracle of Delphi, is said to have chewed bay leaves as part of the ritual to foresee the future. Magically, bay laurel is used in Spells for increasing psychic ability, for purification and for strength. 


Herb Magic Sage. Sage is used to purify a Ritual Sacred Space, an Altar or Magical tools. It is often burnt to purify and cleanse any space. It is associated with protection, wishes and prosperity. It is said, that if you want to make your dreams come true, put Sage leaves under your pillow. Sage is used in attraction Spells to bring wealth and prosperity and for wish manifestations. Place near your Tarot cards or Runes to protect and purify them.  


Herb Magic Basil. Magically, Basil can be used in all Love Spells but in particular those for binding, ensuring fidelity and gaining commitment. Basil is also great for Money Spells and for use in promoting confidence. Place basil leaves in all corners of your house to aid protection and good luck. 

Other than in the use of Magic I take advantage of what Mother Earth has to offer and use herbs, blossoms and plants at the mundane level.

I am extremely fortunate to have access to a wide variety of fragrant herbs and spices growing wild on the hillsides and mountainsides.

How you can use Herbs


Drinking herbal tea or infusions offer many health benefits.

Pour boiling water over the herb of your choice in the proportions of one-ounce of herb to one pint of water.

Steep for a minimum of five minutes until brewed. Enjoy!


For external use, a wash is made using a quarter ounce of herb to one pint of boiling water, steeped until cooled to lukewarm.

Washes are generally used for purification, cleansing, etc., but can be used topically to prevent infection to cuts or wounds. Always ensure you select herbs known to be non-toxic.


Place one ounce of herb in one pint of water. Once the water has reached boiling point, reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 30 minutes and leave to cool. Strain and use as needed.


Use oils such as olive, almond, walnut or sesame. Warm one cup of oil and place in saucepan over a low heat. Add one ounce of herbs. Continue warming until the herbs have lost their colour and the oil has soaked up the rich aroma. The herb scented oil may be used much like a salve or ointment


Place herbs in enough water to cover them and steep. Strain the water and apply the dampened herbs directly to the affected area. This method is used for rashes and other mild skin disorders. You can place the herbs between layers of in gauze or cheesecloth too.


Make an infusion or decoction. Soak a piece of clean cloth or gauze in the liquid. The cloth or gauze is applied directly to the affected area. Keep the compress as hot as can be tolerated. When the compress cools, change it for a new moistened cloth. Do not re use the cloths.


For long-term storage this is the best method of herb preparation. Four ounces of herb steeped in eight ounces of alcohol for two weeks will produce a good tincture. Place herbs into a glass or ceramic bottle or jar. Then pour on 80% proof alcohol over the herbs. I use the Cretan locally produced Raki but any strong white alcohol such as vodka will be ok.

Store in a dark and warm place and shake the jar gently, twice a day for two weeks. Then strain the tincture through a muslin cloth. Pour the resultant tincture into a dark bottle and keep tightly closed until ready to be used. 

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