Dream Spells and Psychic Power

Written by Luci Johnson

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Psychic power comes from within a person’s psyche or mind. But there are spells that can be cast to open your all-seeing eye, attune you with your astral or dreaming body, bring spirit guides to assist you in healing and divination work. And they can easily be cast by you for yourself. I know that in my own psychic journey, I have noticed how the spell work that I cast on myself in the physical world, created ripples in my astral/dream world. Myself and my spirit guides also create spells in my astral/dream world that later manifests into physical reality. Dreams keep the physical world in check, while the physical world keeps dreamland in check. When we are awake our astral body sleeps, and when we sleep our astral body is awake in the subconscious, exploring the astral world and sending messages to our conscious minds in hopes to improve and inspire the condition of physical reality.

My astral visions show me when I need an aura cleansing. They show overlooked emotions that I need to understand and deal with. Friends, family, enemies, and spirit guides I can interact with in the astral/dream world. I believe that my super-conscious mind interacts with my spirit guides, controlling my psychic teachings and level of development.

The goal of psychic development and dream work for me is to understand, gain wisdom and knowledge so that I may one day assist others who are on the same spiritual path and need sound guidance. My intention is solely self-improvement and it makes me happy when magical and mystical people, places and things manifest in my life.

Here are some dream spells you can try for yourself.

Eye of Horus Dream Spell

Blend acacia, frankincense, cypress, and cedarwood and burn on lit charcoal inside of a cauldron. Will stimulate and enhance psychic ability.

Artemis Potion

Artemis rules magic, fertility, psychic gifts and wild female nature. Add mugwort, tarragon, desert sage, wormwood and dittany of Crete to Greek red wine. Let steep for one moon cycle. Strain and drink to magically bring prophetic dreams.

Chiron Dream Spell

Chiron the centaur was a spiritual teacher and mentor to many Greek heroes. Add centaury herb to olive oil and let steep for one moon cycle. Anoint a purple candle, inscribe Chiron’s name into the candle, keep a picture of a centaur next to the lit candle. Ask him to be one of your magical teachers.

Psychic Power Mojo

Amazonite, quartz crystal, fluorite, labradorite, moldavite, and celestite. Anoint stones with centaur oil.

Kyphi Egyptian Temple Spell

Powder ground acacia, henna and juniper. Soak the powder in wine. In a separate container soak golden raisins in red wine. Allow this soaking process to continue for 7 days. Take equal parts cardamom, calamus, cinnamon, peppermint, bay leaves, galangal, and orrisroot. Grind together to fine powder. Add honey and powdered myrrh resin to mixture. Drain the herbs and raisins soaking in wine and add to the honey/myrhh/spice mix. Add sufficient wine to steep the combined materials together. Add the thick paste to lit charcoal blocks or simmer to release the fragrance.

Scrying Dream Spell

Burn elecampane herb to accompany divination by crystal ball or magic mirror. It helps to increase psychic visions and impressions and prophetic dreams.

Isis Dream Spell

Grind orrisroot powder and use as all over body powder for added psychic power.

Psi Tea

Jasmine flowers, chamomile flowers, juniper berries, thyme, lavender flowers, mace, rosemary, lemon balm, spearmint, anise seed, violet flowers, yarrow, and yerba santa.

Thoth Dream Spell

Egyptian god of magic, writing, and sacred math. Offer him candles and moon shaped charms. Decorate an alter with images of baboons and ibises. Make an oil with calamus and cyperus his sacred plants. Lord Thoth knows all magical skills ask him to teach you.

Thor’s Hammer

The Norse god of courage and strength, nettles are sacred to Thor. Add nettles to jojoba oil on a Thursday, and let steep for one moon cycle.

Tahitian Dream Spell

Infuse gardenia flowers with coconut oil for six weeks. Strain the oil and discard the flowers. Reserve the oil. Add one tablespoon to a bath before bedtime to stimulate prophetic dreams.

Astral Attunement Spell

Cinnamon, mugwort, sandalwood, benzoin, dittany of crete, vanilla bean, jasper, citrine, yellow sapphire and moldavite to simmering water. Strain the contents and add to water bottle. Spray all over bed and body before laying down to sleep. This spell brings assistance with astral travels and protects one during the journey.

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Disclaimer: The law requires me to state that all aspects of psychic, tarot and spell casting services are for entertainment purposes only, and cannot be a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice/care.

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