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What is a Dream?

Before looking at dream analysis, let us consider what exactly a dream is. Everybody dreams every night, despite what people believe but many people cannot recollect their dreams on waking. Even animals dream. In the dream state our conscious mind switches off and we enter a realm where imagination is allowed to run freely without restraint. When we awake we can sometimes recollect our imaginings. This is a dream.

What is Dream Analysis?

In ancient times in many cultures dreams were seen as direct messages from the gods. Dreams provided guidance, wisdom and even healing. Great emphasis was placed on dreams and the ancient Egyptians and Greeks paid particular attention to dream meanings.

Over time the recognised religions cast doubts on the relevance of dreams with some sections of the Christian church believing that dreams were delivered by the devil!

In more recent times two eminent psychologists, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung studied and theorized about the meaning of dreams. Dream analysis was back in vogue and was once again an important source of insight and healing. Freud believed the dream revealed what the dreamer wanted to suppress or keep hidden. By dream analysis the dreamer was compelled to face his demons.

Jung's theory on dream analysis related to the mirroring of the ego within dreams. Dreams revealed what was absent from the consciousness of the dreamer. Jung believed dreams played a role of guide or teacher to assist the dreamer to be whole.

The famed psychic Edgar Cayce believed that through dreams people could access their spirit and be enabled to have all possible questions answered from their inner consciousness.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation can be a difficult process particularly when trying to interpret your own dream meanings but it can be well worthwhile. Dream interpretation can be a way to understand the helpful and healing messages coming from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is often desperately trying to get relevant, wise and meaningful messages to you to help you with your everyday life.

Dream interpretation can help you a lot in your everyday life with small as well as bigger problems, worries or concerns. All you need do is ask for guidance in your dreams as you go to sleep, and write down your dreams immediately when you awake. For specific and focused questions try Focused Dreaming.

Dream Meanings

Our dreams are simply messages from our subconscious mind (or sometimes from our psychic connections or Spirit – see Psychic Dreams. for more about this). To discover the meaning of dreams is both fascinating and enlightening. Throughout my Dream Dictionary I have given my interpretation of dream meanings that I hope will prove useful to you.

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