Cleansing Spells and Protection Spells

Written by Luci Johnson

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Cleansing spells remove psychic and spiritual dirt and negativity. As one becomes more psychically aware, the need to remove this junk becomes a regular part of ritual. Some low-level energies like to feed parasitically off your energy which obstruct your spell work. Benevolent, helpful spirits like angels, fairies, goddesses and gods feel more welcomed by a spiritually clean person and home environment. Make it a daily regime to perform these cleansing spells.

Holy Water

Holy water can be blessed by a priest or one can make their own using natural spring water, rain water or ocean water, sea salt and a sacred prayer over the water. Keep in a special bottle. I store my holy water in a yin/yang shaped flask.

Black Snake Cleansing Spell

Make an infusion of black cohosh root with boiling water and let cool. Put in a spray bottle and spray the entire room and body to erase evil spirits, bad energy and protect your space from negativity. I like to keep the root in a velvet bag with my driver’s license.

Pine Clean Spell

Add essential oil of pine with water and sprinkle with your fingertips around the house or place of business.

Yarrow Juniper Cleansing Spell

Yarrow flower remedy with dried juniper berries simmered on the stove. The steam rises into the air and permeates the room. Add to bath water to cleanse your aura and add your crystals to the bath to magically cleanse your crystals and gemstones.

Frankincense, Copal and Benzoin Cleansing Spell

Add resins to charcoal blocks in a miniature iron cauldron and carry the cauldron around the atmosphere, smoking out the unwanted energies.

Anti-Evil Powder

Blend dried basil, mustard seed, mugwort, angelica, bay laurel, juniper, vervain, vetiver, wormwood, betony, birch, bloodroot, camphor, myrrh, cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense, rosemary, rue, coriander, sage, dragon’s blood, arrowroot and yarrow flowers into a powder using a coffee bean grinder. Sprinkle in sheets, carpet and upholstery. Also use as an all over body powder and aura cleanser.

Yucca Cleansing Spell

Bring yucca roots in water to a boil. Add the water to your bath before and after spell casting. I like to put yucca water in my mop bucket to clean the floors, after I clean the floors using regular floor cleaner.

Protection Spells are meant to protect against malicious spells, hexes, jinxes or negative enchantment cast against one person to another, the evil eye and spiritual dangers that are caused on purpose or accidentally. These dangers come from magic that manifest physically like illness, accidents and disaster. Protective spells are best cast after a cleansing.

Fire Wall Protection Spell

Invokes the Archangel Michael. Ingredients include salt, frankincense, myrrh and dragon’s blood resin with olive oil base. Anoint a red or white candle and inscribe a flaming sword into the wax. Light the candle, petition the Archangel while rubbing the oil into your body.

Kali Protection Spell

Indian goddess of death, matron of witchcraft and tantra. Bloodroot powder added to jojoba oil. Anoint a black or blue candle with bloody oil and write Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Ma on the candle with a toothpick. Kali has been my guardian spirit for many years. She appears in my dreams as this fierce warrior goddess cutting the heads off my enemies with her sword. While dancing erractically to the sound of thunder, leaving the seen in a flash of lightining. She has been there through all my major life’s changes. And she has protected me from violence.

Kwan Yin Protection Spell

Buddhist Lady of Mercy and Compassion. Kwan Yin became an ascended master, but refused to leave earth as long as one human is left suffering. She promises to help anyone in need. Lotus seeds, ylang ylang essential oil and pink roses infused in jojoba oil for one full moon cycle. Strain the oil and add lotus flower essence. Anoint a blue or white candle with the lotus oil and write how you need Kwan Yin’s help on a piece of parchment paper. Burn the paper and scatter the ashes out your front door.

Mafdet Protection Spell

Invoke Mafdet, the Egyptian lynx cat spirit for protection from demons, ghosts and human enemies. Shape ground beef into a penis-shaped meatloaf. Inscribe the names of your enemy or enemies into the loaf with a toothpick. Chant the names of your enemies and birthdates or addresses if known. Feed to a cat, your own or find feral hungry cats. Make sure the cats devour the meatloaf, for at the same time Mafdet will deal with your enemies on the spirit plane.

Horseradish Mandrake Protection Spell

Grind dried horseradish root and sprinkle over vulnerable areas to protect from evil. Soak mandrake root in warm water for 3 to 7 days. Sprinkle the water on your alter to also protect from evil. (Allow the mandrake root to dry out afterward, and preserve and use again.)

Psychic Attack Protection

Black tourmaline, sapphire and carnelian semi-precious stones placed in boiling rosemary water and removed to place in mojo bag.

Dragon Protection Spell

Take fresh snapdragon and add half water and half jojoba oil to mason jar. Keep in direct sunlight for up to 2 weeks or until petals burn. Strain the botanicals and pour into glass bottle, add dragon’s blood oil. Go to sleep with a picture of a dragon under the pillow anointed with the oil. Ask the dragons to come to your house and protect you. From my experience with dragon spirits they like to lend you their wings and they show up to your rescue when you least expect it.

Sulphur Protection Spell

Add sulphur to black or red votive candles and light. Flame should turn blue. Perform this spell outdoors so you don’t breathe in the smoke so harshly.


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